Calgary HRC Mtg Minutes (Dec 7 2010)

Attendees: Timothy Hunt – President; Garth Caron – Vice-President; Evelyn Egger – Treasurer; Jo Kelly – Member; Raj Hari – PSAC RO Staff

                                                            Human Rights Committee Meeting

                                                            MINUTES – December 7, 2010


Timothy Hunt – President

Garth Caron – Vice-President

Evelyn Egger – Treasurer

Jo Kelly – Member

Raj Hari – PSAC RO Staff

Meeting was called to order at 5:30pm.

Minutes from previous meeting accepted.

Old business: 

Issuance of HRC cheques that need approval:

  1. Project Mobility – Kwik Copy (Winnipeg)              $848.74 (chq# 0011)
  2. Courier charge for postcards                                   $  21.67 (chq# 0012)
  3. Meeting Dinner – Raj Hari                                       $  55.62 (chq# 0013)

 Receipt of  $2000.00 cheque received via Louise Castleman from the Social Justice Fund for Project Mobility.

 Committee updates:

 Project Mobility Cards are done and ready for pick up.   Committee discussed how to circulate the cards to our members.   Sister Evelyn Egger to take 750 cards to plantgate at HarryHaysBuilding(CRA and various agencies/department) December 14th to coincide with International Human Rights Day 2010.  Brother Timothy Hunt to forward cards to other PSAC components and desk dropped at the CBSA offices.  Brother Raj Hari to get distribution list prepared for the committee.

Motion:  Sister Joanne Kelly / Seconded:  Brother Garth Caron /Accepted

Brother Timothy Hunt audited the Regional Women’s Committee on November 02nd, 2011with Sister Nicole Freschette who audited the Human Rights Committee’s.  Both sets of accounting books had no anomalies or discrepencies.


    Praire Region Convention to be held in Winnipegin June 2011.  Discussion of who is to attend.  Brother Timothy Hunt will be a delegate for his position on the Prairie Region Council.  Brother Garth Caron expressed interest in representing the committee.  Confirm who will be attending – next meeting.

 Calender of events to be posted on HR website.  Sister Jo Kelly has been working on it and provided a copy.  Review to be done to ensure all significant days are included. 

Discussed that the committee could send volunteers to the next Global Festival.  Garth to  get information on dates sometime in August 2011.  We will discuss sponsoring an event at the event.



The Committee may sponsor an education session geared toward Disability.  We will speak with Disability Action Committee to find out if there are any facilitators that may be available to speak on the subject.


 Brother Garth Caron has contacts in NAIM that he will speak with to find out what their focus is to coordinate our efforts.  Sisters Evelyn and Victoria will look for more local causes to support or to participate / volunteer for 2011.  Notes from previous meeting:

Suggestions from the committee:

  • to look at our focus to coincide with the Conference that is being held that year…2011-Aboriginal
  • Discussion on 2011 focus will be on Aboriginal issues
  • Brown bag luncheons (4) being held to bring focus on Aboriginal Human Rights at various locations/dates – put on by the city of Calgary
  • Stampede Poster will highlight female aboriginal dancer-1st time in its history.
  • Evelyn will look into issues that are current in Calgaryand present them to committee for consideration on our next year’s focus.




Fairy Tale Film Festival:  Confirmed the HRC will spend $200 to sponsor a film.  Brother Timothy Hunt to update the committee at the next meeting.


Racially Visible

We must begin to look into Multi-cultural action as well.  Suggestions included speaking with Immigrant Women Society, Catholic Women’s Groups.   Please bring your suggestions to the next meeting.


Meeting Schedule for 2011


Date for 2011 >  February 22rd  > May 18th  >  September 14th > November 23rd


Expanding our Committee

Discussed contact tree to include people in the union at airport.


Next meeting scheduled  February 22nd, 2011at the Calgary Regional Office.


Meeting adjourned 7:05pm.