Calgary HRC Mtg Minutes – Apr 9 2014

In Attendance: Evert Ryland, Sam Akinsanya, Phil Chan, Mike Tennant, Victoria Norris, Raj Hari, Garth Caron, Timothy Hunt, Evelyn Egger

Human Rights Committee Meeting – April 09th, 2014
Calgary Regional Office

Those in Attendance:

Evert Ryland, Sam Akinsanya, Phil Chan, Mike Tennant, Victoria Norris, Raj Hari, Garth Caron, Timothy Hunt, Evelyn Egger


Dale Marianiucz

Meeting called to order at 5:40pm.

Minutes of last meeting (February 06th, 2014) Motion to accept by Brother Caron and seconded by Sister Norris, Unanimous

Motion to reimburse Brother Garth for food by Brother Hunt/Egger, Cheque:  $69.73 (chq#062), Unanimous.


* CLC Anti Bullying Campaign – April 2015 make a plan for” Solidarity in Pink Day” with the GSA’s in schools, hope to have T shirts “at the schools” with iron-ons from the CLC Introduce a panel of 5-8 professionals regarding bullying and what we can to curb the current status and support more anti bullying initiatives.

* New Logo introduced on Agenda (3 wheat) represents AB/SASK/MB

*Mike and Ayanna worked hard on presentation of Black History Month with short film and panel on February 18th  “CAL BEST”, the event was a great success and very well received. Thank You.

*The Fairy Tales Film Festival – “Sweet 16” funding was underway this year.  The CLC, AFL and the REVP’s office were donating monies.  Brief discussion of our (HRC) involvement with Fairy Tales over the last several years with Timothy being the liaison. Motion to donate $300.00 to the 2014 Fairy Tales Film Festival, Brothers Hunt/Tennant, Unanimous

*Globalfest:  Theme 2014:  Multicultural Event – Aug 11-15 “lunch and learns” 15/17/19/22/23 fireworks.  Expect a summit meeting of all PSAC committees to address the initiatives for this event to work together.

Election of human Rights committee:

Discussion among the new members and the current executive lead to the determination that the committee may be better served by electing a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, this decision to fill all four seats was unanimous. The floor was turned over to Brother Hari as the Regional Representative to conduct the elections.

President:  Timothy Hunt nominated – Sister Egger, 2nd – Sam Akinsanya > ACCLAIMED

Vice President:

Sam Akinsanya nominated by Brother Hunt,  2nd Brother Chan

Garth Caron nominated by Brother Tennant, 2nd Brother Ryland

Several votes took place with two (2) tie breakers, the tie was broken when Timothy stepped aside from the vote to allow for the election to have an odd number of voters, Brother Akinsanya was the winner.

Secretary: Victoria Norris nominated by Sister Egger, 2nd Brother Caron, ACCLAIMED


Mike Tennant nominated by Brother Caron, 2nd by Brother Hunt

Garth Caron nominated by Brother Tennant, 2nd by Brother Ryland > Declined

Brother Tennant was ACCLAIMED as Treasurer when Brother Caron declined his nomination.

Delegates to Prairie Region Triennial Convention:  

Report to be submitted to the REVP’s office.

Brother Sam Akinsanya nominated by Brother Chan, 2nd Brother Ryland

Brother Garth Nominated nominated by Brother Hunt, 2nd Brother Chan

Brother Akinsanya was the winner.

Sam will attend as the Human Rights Committee Delegate and Brother Caron will be his alternate.

Motion to destroy all ballots, by Brother Tennant, 2nd Brother Caron, Unanimous

Round table discussions:

* “Public Service Week”all unions should BOYCOTT employers festivities

* “National Aboriginal Day”  CANE members to boycott celebrations at Harry Hays building June 20th

Next meeting:  June 11th, @ 5:30pm at the Calgary Regional Office.

Footnote from outgoing  Secretary/Treasurer  Evelyn Egger:

To HRC:  Thank you very much for all your passion. I have been a part of this committee for a few years and enjoyed every learning minute of it. We do have fun. I look forward to continuing to be an active member and hope to help us all make a difference out in our community. I am very excited about our new membership and executive and know we will continue to succeed.