Calgary Area Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes (October 12, 2022)

October 12, 2022 @6:00 PM 

Ade Fayemiwo – Chair AGR 40038

Tseten Drawu – AGR 40038 

Lissette Serrano- UVAE 30032 

May Gyamfi – Secretary UTE 30022 

Kathy Ajram – Treasurer UTE 30022 

Tim Hubick – PRC PWD Rep (Guest) 

Lindsey Sparks – PSAC Staff

Meeting called to order @ 6:08 PM and commenced with land acknowledgment 

Adoption of Agenda – 

  • Attendees voted unanimously to adopt agenda.

Approval of last meeting minutes 

  • Attendees voted unanimously to adopt minutes from Aug 30/22. 

Report from Chair – 

  • Discussed work plan to create awareness on topics relevant to our members. Discussed the possibility of training and setting up a platform where we can reach out to our members more than four time a year. 
  • Ade had discussions with Marianne in Ottawa about a WhatsApp group being established, and was advised to be patient as these things require additional approvals. 

Report from Treasurer – 

  • Bank balance as of Aug 31, 2022 is $1885.56. Only expenses incurred are monthly bank fees. Sept 30/22 event did not cost the committee anything. 
  • Revised appendix D submitted to REVP office to align with changes made at TD. 

Old Business – 

  • Sept 30/22 – National Truth & Reconciliation Day: The committee joined the Pokaiks Annual Commemorative Walk at Princes Island Park. Event was brought forward by the Coloring it Forward Society. It was a beautiful, educational, emotional day. There were many speakers discussing the residential school system and the tragic legacy it continues to leave behind. Next year if we participate, we should have the PSAC flag and consider sponsoring the event.        
  • Bear Clan Patrol – Patrols usually completed on Friday evenings. Committee will need to choose a date to join in patrol with request for donations from locals. Will likely be best to run this during the holidays. 

New Business – 

  • Possibility of assistance to Lethbridge Area for International Human Rights Day in December. Tseten collaborates with Amnesty International and may be needing financial assistance for stamps for mail outs and activities being done that deal with Human Rights realities. 
  • Membership Engagement – PRC reps can notify individuals who have self ID’d in the equity seeking groups with the Prairies of upcoming meetings if notified in advance.
  • Next meeting we will group together to discuss International Human Rights Day and committee plans.

Next Meeting: TBD 

Round table 

Co-Chair election

  • Mayfred Gyamfi 
  • Nominated by: Kathy Ajram 
  • Seconded by: Lissette Serrano
  • May was appointed co-chair after accepting her nomination. 
  • Oath of office to be administered next meeting. 
  • Next meeting to include Secretary election to fill now vacant position. 

Meeting Adjourned @ 7:30 PM