Calgary Human Rights Committee Meeting Meeting Minutes (January 20, 2021)


Lindsey Sparks – PSAC Staff

Kathy Ajram – Chair UTE (30022)

James Huang – Treasurer CEIU (30856)

Ade Fayemiwo – AGR (30048)

Mayfred Gyamfi – UTE (30022)

Michelle Villamar – CEIU (30856)

Regrets: Shanon Hicks (CIU)

1 – Call to order @ 6:18 upon meeting quorum.

2 – Land acknowledgement

3- Review and adoption of agenda

  • Approved unanimously

4 – Approval of last meeting minutes

  • Approved unanimously

5 – Report from the Chair

Kathy recapped the past 11 months as committee chair. 5 meetings were held over the year of 2020 and many events needed to have been cancelled due to covid. The year came with sorrow, uncertainty, truths, triumphs with collective bargaining, and true acts of solidarity across the world and within our membership at large during the Black Lives Matter Movement. In the next year, the committee needs to find ways to reach our members and our communities in a way where virtually being there will work and will promote our mandates of making positive and meaningful change. The committee would not have been unable to function without the support of PSAC staff, Lindsey, Dolly, and Tom, or the dedication of Shanon Hicks and James Huang. Hoping for a better 2021!

6 – Report from Treasurer

James stated that working on the committee has been a great experience. Current account balance is 253.70.  We don’t have any transactions since March except for the bank charges. Over the past year we have been struggling with bank fees. He has tried to cut the bank fees and was able to find a cheaper bank, but we decided not to open a new account until the elections so there is proper signing authorities in case executive changes. After this meeting, a new account should be opened with TD at $1.95/mo, scotia charges $8/mo right now.  There are two current outstanding expenses to be paid for the year 2020 that couldn’t be paid due to issues with the financial institutions and changing of signing authorities, however the funds will be accounted for as required and are available to be paid through the current account balance.

7 – Old business

  • Bank account – covered by james in previous report. New elected body will open new account to try and save a bit more of member funds.
  • Prairie regional triennial convention – Previous nominations occurred last year for delegate, alternate and second alternate. Still unknown at this time if previous nominations will still stand or if committee will need to complete new round of nominations. Lindsey said more to come on that soon when decisions are finalized.
  • 8 -– New business
  • Black history month – this year in light of the importance of showing solidarity and unification with our black brothers, sisters and friends, the committee feels it’s expressly important to hold an event as it relates to BHM. We discussed holding a webinar or a video that could be viewed and posted to the prairies website for members to view when available. Non-profit group in Calgary called the Pink Flamingos were funded by the City to create art around the city to commemorate the BLM movement and they completed beautiful work. We discussed reaching out to them as they promote inclusive, accessible, and awareness training as well. May could be part of a group of speakers or a guest speaker if we hold a webinar/video, if not now then possibly even later. Will consult with REVP’s office on the possibility of holding a webinar and will link up with Winnipeg HRC to see if they have any plans or interests in a joint venture.
  • The financial reporting packages for the year are due in to the office of the REVP by March 15, 2021. Lindsey confirmed no information on extensions at this time. Package will need to include all meeting minutes and financial breakdown. Will also need to include a listing of next years planned events.

9. Nominations

Lindsey called for nominations:

Chair – Kathy Ajram nominated by Mayfred Gyamfi and seconded by Ade Fayemiwo

Treasurer – James Huang nominated by Ade Fayemiwo and seconded by Mayfred Gyamfi

Secretary – Mayfred Gyamfi nominated by Kathy Ajram and seconded by Ade Fayemiwo

10. Next Meeting: Tentative – April 14, 2021 @ 6:00