Calgary Human Right Committee Meeting Minutes (January 29, 2020)

Calgary Area HRC Meeting Minutes – January 29, 2020

  • In attendance


Tabassom Javadi – Chair – UNE

Shanon Hicks – Treasurer – CIU

Kathy Ajram – Secretary – UTE

Ade Fayemiwo – CFIA

Scott Gatzke – UTE

James Kwong – CEIU

Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Staff (Regional Office)


Regrets: May Gyamfi, Drew Davidson,


Calgary Area HRC Meeting

January 29, 2020

Called to order at 5:55 PM


  • Agenda
    • Review and adoption of agenda
      • The following changes were made to the Agenda
      • 1) Report from President added pre-financial update.
      • 2) Removal of Resolutions from Old Business
      • 3) The addition of phishing scams added to new business

Motioned by Tabassom Javadi, seconded by Kathy Ajram

  • Approval of last meeting minutes
    • Meeting minutes from November approved.
    • Motioned by Shanon Hicks, seconded by Tabassom Javadi
  • Report from Tabassom
    • On December 10, 2019 we celebrated Human Rights Day by bringing in a guest speaker from RESET to discuss the important issue of human trafficking. We provided a $100 donation to the organization and learned a lot of useful information. There was a Q&A session held and we also had a sit in food event whereby all leftover food was donated to the Women’s Centre. We watched a Canadian documentary that also went over important things to know and how to identify a victim of human trafficking. Very powerful and moving event.
  • Financial Update from Shanon
    • The current balance not including expenses for today is $413.76.
    • Expense from last year are being reconciled and is slightly off. Shanon will keep on working to get everything to balance for our annual financial statement.
    • Basic summary for expenses – Orange Shirt Day $1248.17, and Human Rights Day $380.67 (without parking).
  • Old Business
    • Per the report from the Chair, Human Rights Day was already discussed. Theresa from  RESET was wonderful and informative.We had a few attendees but due to inclement weather, many others were unable to attend.
    • Term employment – a discussion ensued regarding term employment and workplace injury. Based on the conversation that had taken place, it was agreed upon that in these specific situations it would be important for our members to seek union representation if their occupation was on the line due to injury as this may potentially be considered discriminatory practice. Most of the components involved in the meeting discussed similar concerns from their membership, some successful and some not.
  • Current Business
    • Phishing Scams: it has been identified that there is an issue with the email exchange server whereby emails are being sent from supposed committee members asking for an etransfer of funds. We know PSAC policy does not allow for etransfers. These emails are scams. Dolly indicates that this has been an identified issue and has happened in the past. REVP Marianne Hladun has been made aware that they are circulating again and has requested a blanket reminder email be sent to all the committees.
    • Resolution put forward by Kathy Ajram regarding new member cards. Resolution reads aloud as it deals with gender designations on the application. Many members do not identify as male or female. Resolution is requesting that the gender be optional when completing the cards and that there be a third designation by next triennial. Resolution seconded by Ade Fayemiwo to be forwarded to convention floor. Committee unanimously concurred to forward the resolution to the convention body.
    • AGM – all three committee executive positions will be up for election. The committee discussed an appropriate date from the AGM and decided February 19th.   Light meal will be served for 5:30 and AGM will commence at 6:00. (See Note1)
    • Delegate Election to Prairie Regional Convention

Election ran by Staff Member Dolly Ablitt

Kathy Ajram nominated Shanon Hicks; Ade Fayemiwo seconded nomination of Shanon Hicks; no further nominations were called. Shanon accepted the nomination and expressed her gratitude to be representing the Calgary Human Rights Committee as a delegate.

  • Plan for 2020

The Committee brainstormed a number of great ideas to head in to the 2020 plan. It was discussed that we needed to fine tune about 4-6 great ideas and do them well. The committee wants to get out in to the community and do work that provides a lasting impact. Some of the ideas we discussed included:

  1. Fairy Tale Theatres – May-June 2020 a volunteer run event where films that are representative of LGBTQ2+ rights are played at a theatre in Calgary. We could volunteer and help act as ushers, along with promoting ticket sales to the PSAC community.  Action: Scott
  2. Asian Heritage Month – May 2020. An idea to link up with an immigration society and provide plants to newcomers with things like tomatoes/potatoes. Immigrants often live in poverty and have difficulties in purchasing produce due to the high costs. Another suggestion was to complete a good hamper with fresh produce. Kathy will connect with various organizations to see what the greater need may be and who will be willing to help with the initiative. Action: Kathy
  3. Globalfest –August 2020 an event that focuses on Human Rights and globalism by bringing together different countries with cultural information booths and firework competitions between countries. We might have missed the timeframe to become sponsors of the event, but Tabassom will look in to it. Action: Tabassom
  4. Pride – September 2020 Talked about having our own float potentially. We have always tagged along with the Alberta Federation of Labour. Scott will look into the cost for a trailer rental and decorations. Action: Scott
  5. Orange Shirt Day – September 2020 – we love the significance of Orange Shirt Day and want to carry this in to the 2020 plan. We are interested in making the event bigger, better, and more educational. Action: Shanon
  6. Human Rights Day – December 2020 – Team up with the Bear Clan Patrol. They are a local Indigenous group in Calgary who patrol the streets of the city on Friday nights and help to clean the streets and help anyone they encounter who may need a hand. They have been known to create essential hygiene kits to help those who need them. We could purchase and assemble some kits and request donations from the other locals also. Action: Shanon
  7. Black History Month – February 2021. Time is creeping up too quickly to be able to do anything for 2020, however, Ade was interested in developing a plan with a focus on Science and Black History Month in 2021. Action: Ade
  • Round Table: No comments for round table.
  • Next Meeting (AGM) February 26, 2020 @ 6:00 PM – Calgary Regional Office

Light meal at 5:30

  • Meeting adjourned @ 7:11PM



Note1: Subsequent to the meeting, the Committee agreed to move the AGM / next meeting to February 26th, 2020 due to the boardroom being in use. Special guest in attendance for next meeting: REVP Marianne Hladun.