Calgary Area Council Minutes – May 17, 2017

Meeting minutes for May 17, 2017

Calgary Area Council 
AGM Minutes 
May 17, 2017
Alec Goertzen, President, 
Dale Marianicz, Vice-President, 
Phillip Chan, Treasurer, 
Deb Kosteniuk, Secretary 
Sam Akinsanya, CIU
Melisa Lumbala, CIU
Guest:  Raj Hari, PSAC Calgary RO
The meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m.  
Br Goertzen presented the Agenda for review.   There were no amendments to the Agenda
Agenda as presented was accepted M/S/C   Kosteniuk/Marianicz
Br Goertzen presented the January 23, 2017 minutes for review and adoption
Minutes were accepted and adopted M/S/C  Goertzen/Marianicz
President’s Report 
Br Goertzen presented the President’s Report for 2016.   Hard copy available on request.
Report was accepted and adopted M/S/C Lumbala/Marianicz
Vice-President’s Report
Br Marianicz presented the Vice-President’s Report 
Report was accepted and adopted M/S/C  Marianicz/Goertzen
Financial Report – Treasurer 
Br Chan was calling in from Taiwan and there were some technical difficulties, so Br Goertzen assisted.  Calgary Area Council remitted its audit, financial statements and 2017 budget proposal on February 14, 2017.  CAC made $8,795.00 budget proposal and $1345.00 was approved.  This took into consideration the existing $700.00 year end balance.   We have potential for another $7000.00 to cover things like the fall Leadership Brunch, Labour Day BBQ, CLiFF, Member Appreciation events, etc.  Business cases will be required for these projects before funding will be provided by REVP office.
Action Plan/Budget 2017
The ice cream day in 2016 was a big hit at the Harry Hays Building (HHB).  Br. Goertzen would like to see us do it again, but possibly at another site; perhaps the airport, or another smaller centre with our members.  And perhaps do it twice – once in July and one other month.
Br Chan will work this as it was his idea originally.  Br Chan suggested if we are doing smaller sites, the ice cream truck might be too expensive and that we could look into purchasing the large tubs and dispense it ourselves.  We could do two sites in one day.
Br Goertzen brought up that we are again boycotting National Public Service Week (NPSW) and the RO is looking at planning an event for the Harry Hays Building with AC assistance.   Perhaps we could do ice cream bars and say something like “Left in the Cold by Phoenix – Boycott NPSW”.  This may addresses doing something at Harry Hays, but not doing another ice cream truck day there.
Br Goertzen advised we will hold another meeting in the summer and planning for the brunch, and other activities will be discussed then.
Call for Elections
Br Hari administered the each of the elections for positions and delegate.
Br Goertzen advised that in odd years there are elections for the Vice-President and Secretary positions. 
Akinsanya nominated, Kosteniuk seconded: Dale Marianicz
Marianicz nominated, Akinsanya seconded: Melisa Lumbala
Lumbala nominated, Marianicz seconded Deb Kosteniuk
Sis. Kosteniuk and Sis. Lumbala declined their nominations; Marianicz accepted his nomination
Br. Marianicz acclaimed.
Dale nominated, Lumbala seconded Deb Kosteniuk
Akinsanya nominated, Marianicz seconded Melissa Lumbala
Kosteniuk nominated, Lumbala seconded Sam Akinsanya
Akinsanya declined, Lumbala and Kosteniuk accepted their nominations
Sis. Lumbala elected Secretary
Motion to destroy ballots M/S/C  Goertzen/Marianicz
Ballots were destroyed
PSAC National Triennial 2018 Delegate Election
Akinsanya nominated, Marianicz seconded: Alec Goertzen
Lumbala nominated, Marianicz seconded:         Phil Chan
Br Chan declined the nomination
Br. Goertzen acclaimed as the delegate to PSAC National Triennial
Election for PSAC National Triennial 2018 Alternate Delegates
1st Alternate:
Goertzen nominated, Lumbala seconded: Phil Chan
Marianicz nominated, Goertzen seconded: Dale Marianicz
Akinsanya nominated, Marianicz seconded: Melisa Lumbala 
Phil Chan declined his nomination; Marianicz and Lumbala accepted their nominations.
Br. Marianicz was elected as 1st Alternate;
Melisa Lumbala was then acclaimed as 2nd Alternate
Melisa will add her name to emails; Deb will send her some of the minutes to use as templates.
Br Goertzen asked Sis. Lumbala to provide her email address and cell number as new Secretary;
Br. Goertzen advised Karoline Klug is the new Education Officer based out of Winnipeg
Br. Goertzen thanked Sus Kosteniuk for term as an outstanding Secretary to the CAC
Br Chan advised the HRC meeting is June 7, 2017
No further business at hand Br Goertzen adjourned the meeting at 7:30 p.m.
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