Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes (September 8, 2022)

CAC Meeting Minutes
September 8, 2022

Alex Creamer (AC) CAC President (USJE)
Adam Daly (AD) CAC VP (USJE)
Amanda Wakeford (AW) CAC Secretary-Treasurer (UCTE Local 30301)
Thomas Hodgkinson (TH) Member (UNE Local 30117)
Danielle Poissant (DP) PRC Geo Rep
Lindsey Sparks (LS) RO Rep

Meeting called to order @ 1907

  1. Approve previous meeting minutes
    ⦁ There was no quorum at the July 5 meeting, in accordance with the CAC By-laws, therefore meeting was only informational.
  2. Old Business
    a. Engagement / Recruitment
    i. LS advised Local 30318 is holding their AGM on Sept 14 and can see if they would allow Council Exec to come in and talk to their membership about the Area Council. AD will attend meeting with LS. DP advised she can plug the Area Council at bargaining updates. TH can connect Council with the Asst. REVP with UNE. AC advised waiting for contact lists and then we can start doing some direct callouts to Locals/Branches. AD suggested coffee/donut or even gift card raffle draw as incentives when we go to Local meetings.
    ii. Discussed doing a brochure so CAC has something to hand out at Local meetings and events; something small with what CAC does and then maybe the upcoming meeting / meetings or information about other committees on the back.
    iii. AC will set up Facebook Group so that we have somewhere to add people and start to build engagement and eventually use for education & mobilization.
    b. Events
    ⦁ AC suggested to tie in an Info type aspect at our next Council meeting or hold a separate Town Hall style event. LS advised that in-person participation and engagement is still low but slowly growing. TH suggested use of food is often enticing for others outside of the event location to attend. AD suggested doing raffle draws/swag giveaways as incentive at event as well.
    ⦁ Discussed doing an in-person event somewhere in Calgary to talk to and engage with members. AC suggested a location where there is a large concentration of members or Locals/Branches (i.e. Harry Hayes, Airport). Beginning or mid-October dates being discussed and checked for schedule conflicts with CAC Executive and other PSAC events.
    ⦁ Discussions held about a Town Hall style event (virtual and in-person) – bring in guest speakers that would be relevant to membership (TB, SEL/DCL groups). Beginning or mid-October dates being discussed and checked for schedule conflicts with CAC Executive and other PSAC events.
  3. New Business
    a. Convention
    i. AC suggested that Council start thinking about resolutions to put forward at Convention.
    ii. Discussed that Council will need to elect delegate(s) for the next Convention, deadline TBD.
  4. Next Meeting – December 8, 2022 @ 7:00pm
    Meeting adjourned @ 1828

Action Items
Reach out and inquire with Regional re: brochure – Amanda Complete
Send CAC Exec new Social Media Policy – Amanda Complete
Send CAC Exec past or sample budget reports – Lindsey
Set up social’s accounts for CAC – Alex
Find out how many members that CAC serves – Lindsey
Send contacts list of Locals – Lindsey
Change signing authorities with bank CAC Executive – Complete
Complete Financial Package & 2022 Budget CAC Executive – Complete
Find out deadline for Convention delegate