Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes October 3, 2013

Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes October 3, 2013


Alec Goertzen – President (CIU #30036) via teleconference

Dale Marianicz – Vice President (AGR #30046)

Janet Parris – Secretary (UTE#30024)

Jeanette Bolton (CEIU #30856)

Dolly Ablitt – PSAC RO


Part of meeting

Raj Hari – PSAC RO


Revised Agenda:

1.       Conservative Convention Update

2.       Old Business

3.       Financial Report

4.       President Report

5.       Vice-President Report

6.       New Business – Treasurer Position – Interest, nominations, elections

7.       Community Support – UFCW Strike

8.       Municipal Election

9.       Seasonal Social/Open House


The meeting started promptly at 5:30pm

Br. Goertzen presented the revised Agenda for review and adoption.

Sis. Parris moved for adoption, seconded by Br. Marianicz.  CARRIED


Conservative Convention Update:

Discussed a rally to be held @ noon on November 2nd in Calgary.

1.       Invite Phase:  Jeffrey is to handle creation of poster to be finalized next week, facebook and twitter groups created and email sent to all members.

2.       Phase 2 – week prior to convention – follow up – leave without pay day – Call all local Officers  to ensure email received (Southern Alberta)  try to ascertain numbers that could attend.

3.       Phase 3 – week of Convention – Follow up – Confirmation by telephone calls to ascertain numbers estimate of members who will be attending.  Br. Marianicz agreed to come into AC office to assist with callouts.  Br. Goertzen will be available 21st to 25th.

Old Business:

Br Goertzen presented the May 29, 2013 minutes for review & adoption. Br. Marianicz moved for adoption; seconded by Sis Bolton.  CARRIED

Financial Report:

Br. Goertzen and Br. Marianicz are fulfilling the position of Treasurer at this time. Financial Report was presented by Br Goertzen.   Over the summer AC incurred expenses for Labour Day $250, Globalfest  $205 and the Maria Dunn Concert  $3,200.  Current balance is approximately $1,000. Sis Parris moved to reimbursement to Br. Goertzen for expenses to Labor day and to Globalfest, second by Br. Marianicz — Carried

Presidents Report:

It has been a very busy time since we last met in May.  Confirmed with JLP sponsor– George Wenzel  the representative is leaving the position soon– no dates, locations or invites in our area to date.    Public Service Week – Plant Gate at the HHB, handing out information “what has my Union done for me” – support was received from Regional Office in Winnipeg to create the handouts.  Globalfest – we had a prize wheel and partnered with CUPE and UFCW in the same booth.  We exceeded over 1000 people attending the booth.  Labour Day – the prize wheel was used again, many new workers to Canada. Promoting our Union- Maria Dunn concert Sept. 12thwas discussed.  For all of these events the biggest struggle has been volunteers.  People are not willing to give time.  Written report to follow.

Vice Presidents Report:

I have been very busy.  Attended the Plant Gate at the HHB, National Public Service Week giving out the handouts on the East side of the building.  Unfortunately I was unable to participate in Globalfest or the Labour Day barbeque due to scheduling.  I attended the Maria Dunn concert and assisted the band in moving their equipment.  Br. Goertzen thanked Br. Marianicz for being so readily available.

New Business – Treasurer Position:

Area Council is still seeking and requiring a Treasurer.  We are asking all locals to see if there are any interested individuals. Members in Calgary area that may be interested in the position should contact Alec ( or Dolly ( .

Community Support – UFCW Strike: 12:01 AM October 6th:

UFCW has partnered with us at some of our events and is a good supporter and sponsor of some of our events.  Part of our mandate is to support political action in our community.  We are asking all members not to shop at Superstore or cross the picket lines in their time of strike.  Possibly an email should go out to the membership in this regard.

Br. Marianicz proposed a motion that a letter be drafted to support UFCW workers about to go on strike with a cc to the Lethbridge Area Council.  Seconded by Sis Bolton.  CARRIED.

Municipal Election:

Calgary District Labour Council has developed an E flyer.  The point being how important it is to get out and vote for a labour friendly candidate within your community. Will the candidate support a labour friendly workforce and workers with regards to bargaining and workplace.  AC would like to know if this eflyer can be sent out to our members as it will outline all of the candidate’s positions in all boards.  This will be followed up on when the information is received.  OPEN

Seasonal Social/Open House:

This is normally held over the Festive season.  Participant numbers have been dwindling over the years.  We have a budget for this.  With the recent damage and closure of the Regional Office, it was discussed to have a combined seasonal social and open house towards the end of November.  A discussion took place and it was decided this will be held on November 26th in conjunction with our next Area Council Meeting.  The meeting will start at 5:30pm and the Open House will start at 4:30 pm.

Round Table: Nothing was added by all of those attending.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm