Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes – November 8, 2018

Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes – November 8, 2018




Alec Goertzen, President

Dale Marianicz, Vice-President

Phillip Chan, Treasurer

Deb Kosteniuk, UTE 30024

Jaison Van Tine RVP Alberta, NWT and Nunavut, UNE


Diane White PSAC Regional Rep


Br Goertzen called the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m.



Br Goertzen presented the Agenda for review and adoption

Br Goertzen amended the Agenda to include PRC report and Round Table

The amended Agenda was adopted M/S/C  Kosteniuk/Marianicz


August Minutes

Br Goertzen presented the August 9, 2018 minutes for review and adoption

M/S/C Chan/Marianicz


Treasurer’s Update

Br Chan reported that Area Council has expended funds for Labour Day expenses (condiments and the puffed wheat/rice krispie squares) since our last meeting.

Bank balance is $1977.51 


Labour Day BBQ

Br Goertzen reported that it was a colder and wetter Labour Day than we have had in the past, but turnout at our booth was good, the puffed wheat and rice krispie squares were a hit, none were left.


Support for CUPW

Rotating strikes with CUPW.  Area Council would like to give some support but the short notice will make it difficult to organize something.  Sr. Kosteniuk advised she is getting notices from the AFL but that they come just before or sometimes on the day of rotating strike action.


PSAC Regional Rep Diane White advised she will get the CUPW website and contact information to Area Council so that we may be able to get information more quickly


Sr Kosteniuk asked if we could put together “go bags” that have some PSAC branded items such as small flags, whistles, small placards, etc. that we can use to show support for them.   Chances are we would not be able to visit striking CUPW members until after we are off our shifts so if we could pick up a “go bag” on the way we would be able to show PSAC presence on the picket line.   Diane White will work on those for us.


Here for Canada

There was some discussion about doing a Here for Canada/Phoenix Still Burning Rally.  Br Goertzen advised we will touch base after the Regional Political Action training has happened in all 3 of the provinces in our region.   We can meet in January and look at dates, locations, etc.   Sr. Kosteniuk pointed out the Winnipeg Rally handed out Here for Canada toques, a wristband, and whistles…simple things and then made flags and clappers available to participants as they rallied.   We could do the same.  Diane mentioned the limited amount of Here for Canada supplies given to the RO, but we do have lots of whistles and we may have a decent number of the “I support my bargaining team” wristbands that we could use.



There was some discussion about when the next AGM would be held.  February?  May?



CAC will be holding a CLiFF Film Festival night.  Br. Goertzen has received the DVD’s for it already.  It is the 10th anniversary of CLiFF.   November 22, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. was the date and time picked, and we will serve pizza and pop during the movies.  Sr. Kosteniuk will draft a poster and members need to RSVP either to Br. Goertzen’s email address or call the Regional Office.


Remembrance Day

CAC has in the past donated $250 to the Poppy Fund, to be used in the operation of the Veteran’s Food Bank.   But that food bank was closed and there has been an investigation into how the Poppy Fund has been spending donations they received.   Br. Goertzen thought he had heard about a new food bank for Veteran’s that might be run by another organization like the Canadian Legacy Project.   Discussion followed about where to make donation, and it was decided CAC will consider wreath purchase through the Royal Canadian Legion next year.


Motion to donate $250 to Canadian Legacy Project this year.  M/S/C Chan/Marianicz


PRC Report

Bargaining:   REVP Marianne Hladun advised we are talking strike.   Some Tables have sat down to bargain only to find the Employer listens but puts forward nothing.  Minister Scott Brison of Treasury Board has confirmed he has yet to provide a mandate for Treasury Board bargaining.   It is felt they are holding off on this until after the election.

Change file:  The file that reflects union dues changes has not been processed by Phoenix and PSAC is missing million of dollars in dues.   There are members that may not have paid enough dues and some that may have paid too much.   PSAC is going ahead with processing the changes.  They will only recoup one year’s worth of dues from members even if there is more owing.  If you have retired or left employment covered by a PSAC collective agreement, they will not try to collect from you.  Letters are going out to members now and there is a hardship mechanism that will allow collection of these outstanding dues at rate that will not cause a member undue hardship.


Round Table

Br. Goertzen advises Melisa Lumbala has resigned as secretary, creating a vacancy on the CAC executive.


Nomination of Sr. Kosteniuk for Secretary M/S/C Chan/Marianicz

No other nominations were made, Sr Kosteniuk let her name stand and was acclaimed


Br. Marianicz asked about the Court injunction filed by PSAC some time ago.  It was a Writ of Mandamus, requiring the Government to keep PSAC informed on all aspects of Phoenix, including number of cases, status, resolution, etc., because they had not been forthcoming with information before that. 


Br. Chan reminded CAC of the Calgary Education Consultation session happening December 5, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.   at the Regional Office.   At this time you can only attend in person, no call ins will be accepted.  You must register on the website to be able to attend.  Sr. Kosteniuk complained that this conflicts with the NHRC meeting in Ottawa Dec 3 to 5/18.  She notes the NHRC is almost always held on those dates and even if it wasn’t on the calend