Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes – May 15th, 2019

Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes – May 15, 2019

Alec Goertzen, President
Dale Marianicz, Vice-President
Deb Kosteniuk, Secretary
Darlene (CEIU)
Diane White PSAC Regional Rep

Br Goertzen called the meeting to order at 6:18 p.m.

Br Goertzen presented the Agenda for review and adoption
The Agenda was adopted M/S/C Marianicz/Kosteniuk
February Minutes
The February 27, 2019 minutes were reviewed and approved using the email process.
The secretary forwarded the minutes to the RO so that they could be sent by email to the locals and posted to the PSAC website.
Old Business
Br Goertzen advises our financial reporting package was sent in to the REVP’s office. PRC Financial Committee met April 27, 2019 to review all council and committee reporting packages.
Allocations hopefully to be made by June, 2019.

Treasurer Update
Br Goertzen advises we still do not have a treasurer and will be doing recruitment. Sr Kosteniuk volunteered to create a poster for it and submit it to Br. Goertzen. The idea is that the poster could go out in an email blast from the Regional Office to the locals.
As we have no Treasurer, Br Goertzen made the Treasurer’s Report, advising our bank balance is $1,651.11

Alberta Provincial Election April 16, 2019. Area Councils across Alberta prepared a letter, signed by all 3 AC Presidents, urging Alberta PSAC members to vote for a labour friendly government. This action was done with short notice but members got the mail out before the election.

The National Day of Mourning April 28, 2019
Br Goertzen advised we were unable have someone there at the ceremony this year

Labour Day Planning Update
Br Goertzen advised he has attended the Calgary District Labour Council Labour Day BBQ planning meeting. We have committed to providing condiments again for the BBQ, which are ketchup, mustard and cheese. There was some discussion about purchasing more condiments than in the past, because they run out so quickly.

New Business
National Public Service Week
Recent email from PSAC National President Chris Aylward advises we will not boycott NPSW but they are asking us to wear our “we support our bargaining team” gear (bracelets, t-shirts, etc., as available to members) Stickers are coming out to the RO’s for that week.

Food Bank Drive
Doing a Food Bank drive was discussed last month and Br. Goertzen wanted to discuss it at this meeting to flesh out details.
Br. Goertzen proposed that NPSW (June 10 to 14) might be a good time to do the drive.
Sr. Kosteniuk advised when she brought it up; she thought the fall is a better time as many families’ finances are hit hard by school expenses for their kids. She was thinking September.
There was some discussion around dates that might work; but one date that seemed to “score” was October 7 – one week before Thanksgiving.
There was a lot of discussion on time frame, the reason for the drive, whether it needed to be tied to Phoenix, to the election, the costs, and exactly what we want to ask for – canned goods/non perishables/fresh fruit and vegetables/dairy/bread/meat or cash so we could go out and buy stuff to donate. There was some discussion of food baskets/hampers that were Thanksgiving related. Sr Kosteniuk volunteered to determine approximate costs of a basket using a base of a family of four. It was proposed we table talk at this time and hold a separate planning meeting before the end of June.

Labour Day BBQ
Br Goertzen advised that in addition to the condiments, we will serve cake again at our tent. He wants to purchase 3 slabs (each serving 80-100 people) for the event. They usually cost $69.99 each. Sr. Darlene advises she thought she may be able to talk to her cake decorator at Safeway to see if we could get a better deal. Br. Goertzen asked Diane White, RO Rep, about rain ponchos for the day. Diane advised 5 ponchos are probably available.
We have been contacted by a representative of the PIPSC local about possibly sharing our tent and table with PIPSC. Sr Kosteniuk indicated opposition to this because of PIPSC caving in and accepting the 5 day paid leave offer.

Federal Election Actions
Plans are in the works for actions to be taken by AC’s across the country with respect to political action. Br Goertzen will advise once he knows more. Using the “Your Vote Counts” information and buttons still a contender.

Round Table
Diane White, PSAC RO Rep
Diane advises AFL is continuing with its Fair Start program. This year the focus is women. The AFL is hosting Fair Start BBQ’s on July 7, 2019 at several locations in Alberta. The Calgary location is Bowness Park. The BBQ’s run from 1 to 4, and they need volunteers. The other locations are in Fort McMurray, Lethbridge, Red Deer, and St. Albert. If you are interested in volunteering contact them at or by calling 1-800-661-3995.
No other round table discussion
There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:05p.m.
M/S/C Goertzen/Marianicz