Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes (March 14, 2022)

Meeting called to order at 1732

  1. Old Business
  2. New Business
    a. Recruitment
    i. Direct call-outs
  • Alex suggest doing calls to
    ii. Attend AGMs / Local meetings
  • Alex suggested going to AGMs to network and recruit
  • Amanda suggested CAC Executive offer to be guest speakers about what CAC is, how to get involved, find out what issues are important to members; takes pressure off Locals a bit and is another way to build engagement and potential recruit members to the CAC
    iii. Brochure
  • Alex brought up creating something for CAC to distribute to Locals and at events
  • Lindsey supplied a sample of one that the WPG HRC put together one time
  • Amanda advised that there has been some talk about brochures at PRC Comms committee about brochures that have been create in the past by different committees/councils/groups, potential discussion to streamline things or create a library so they can be shared
    iv. Video
  • Lindsey advised he thinks that Marianne is working on some sort of video
    v. Social Media (FB, WhatsApp, etc)
    vi. Panel Group
  • Topics: Bargaining Issues & Updates
  • Lindsey advised there may be something already in the works from National with regards to TB bargaining, not certain on dates/timing but should know more next week
    b. Events
    c. Budget
  1. Next Meeting – TBD (late May/June)
    Meeting adjourned at 1828
    Action Items
    Reach out and inquire with Regional re: brochure and video (Amanda)
    Send CAC Exec new Social Media Policy (Amanda)
    Send CAC Exec past or sample budget reports (Lindsey)
    Set up Socials accounts for CAC (Executive)
    Find out how many members that CAC serves (Lindsey)
    Send contacts list of Locals (Lindsey)
    Change signing authorities with bank (Executive)
    Complete budget (Executive)