Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes (July 5, 2022)

Calgary Area Council Meeting

July 5th, 2022

1900 hours

Attendees: Alex Creamer, Adam Daly, Danielle Poissant, Thomas Hodgkinson, Allison ??, Danielle Poissant, Lindsey Sparks

Absent: Amanda Wakeford

Introduction and welcome to new attendees.

Decision was made, due to the later council meeting and lack of pre planning to plan our first event for September. Event planning will occur at the September council meeting. It could be done on an evening or a Saturday and could be expanded to include families. Council is open to any ideas or suggestions.

Discussion around member engagement again. New members this week joined as a result of the email from he Calgary Office and through discussion between Alex and Thomas at the Young Worker conference. Will look into getting the Facebook page created, but will need to ensure that there is enough content to keep people interested. Potential to mobilize around the upcoming PIC reports on bargaining. Will continue to look into brochure options for distribution. Also, executive members continue to be willing to attend local AGM’s but we need to find a way to connect with the locals, potentially through component RVPs, to share that info.

Will continue to work on securing meetings with MP’s in the area to discussion member issues, including bargaining. Adam has been in touch with his MP.

Next Meeting Scheduled for September 8th, 2022 at 1900. Discussion about holding in person. There are still missing infrastructure to have a hybrid meeting at the Calgary office. In order to minimize barriers for new members, meeting to be held virtually.