Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes (February 23rd, 2022)

Meeting began at 6:04 pm
In Attendance:
Alex Creamer
Amanda Wakeford
Adam Daly
Danielle Poissant (PRC Rep)
Marianne Hladun (REVP)
Lindsey Sparks (PSAC Regional Representative)
▪ The meeting began with the PSAC Representative providing a brief explanation of the responsibilities of this committee and where they fit within the PSAC.
▪ Marianne Hladun provided further context, giving examples of political action (such as lobbying MPs, rallys and encouraging participation from members). She spoke about budgeting for future events, informing the committee should they plan on specific action, to let her know and she will in turn make sure that funds are available for the committee. She went on to talk about the upcoming reports that are due March 15th.
As the committee has not been functioning for the last 2 years, and the previous committee has “closed off” with a final report, they will not be required to adhere to the strict rules regarding submitting reports.
▪ The committee also discussed challenges they may be facing in the upcoming months and it was agreed to discuss this in a further meeting.
▪ Elections:
▪ Elections were held to fill open Executive positions on the Committee.
Alex Creamer – Nominated by Adam Daly, Seconded by Amanda Wakeford.
As there were no further nominations, Alex Creamer was acclaimed as President.
▪ Vice President
Adam Daly – Nominated by Alex Creamer – Seconded by Amanda Wakeford.
As there were no further nominations, Adam Daly was acclaimed as Vice President.
▪ Secretary/Treasurer
It was agreed to combine the positions of Secretary and Treasurer and if the opportunity arises in the future, hold elections for separate positions
Nominations for Secretary/Treasurer
Amanda Wakeford – Nominated by Alex Creamer – Seconded by Adam Daly
As there were no further nominations, Amanda Wakeford was acclaimed as Secretary Treasurer.