Calgary Area council Meeting Minutes – August 9, 2018

Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2018


Alec Goertzen, President
Dale Marianicz, Vice-President
Philip Chan, Treasurer
Deb Kosteniuk, UTE 30024
The meeting started promptly at 5:40 p.m.  
Br Goertzen presented the Agenda for review and adoption. 
The Agenda was adopted M/S/C Marianicz/Chan
May Minutes
Br Goertzen presented the May 24, 2018 minutes for review and adoption
M/S/C Chan/Kosteniuk
Treasurer’s Update
Br Chan reported as follows:
1. Area Council received the amount of $2300 from the REVP for the 2018 year.
The bank balance is $941.00 and with the $2300 allocation amount, there should be sufficient funds to cover most of the events Area Council budgeted for. .  
Br. Goertzen discussed the National Public Service Week event held at the Airport.  It went well and was fun; not as big a crowd as the previous year’s event at the Harry Hays Building.
Labour Day BBQ
Br. Goertzen discussed the Labour Day BBQ.   Lindsay (the temp.rep) is gone Friday or Saturday and so we need to make arrangements to pick up our stuff (tent, banners, tables, chairs, the swag, the wheel, condiments etc) on Thursday or that weekend.  Both Br. Goertzen and Br. Marianicz have vehicles that should be able to accommodate taking the tents etc.  Br. Goertzen is going to arrange with Lindsey about how best to pick up everything.
Br. Chan is going to talk to Lindsey (the acting rep) about going out to get the condiments from Gordon’s Foods.  
Br. Goertzen brought up a matter that could be an issue with respect to the CDLC permit for Labour Day: Safeway no longer sells the rice krispie and puffed wheat squares.   Br. Goertzen will call CDLC to see about change to permit – we may have to go with cake after all.  Slab cakes are now $60 – so we would buy two and when we run out of cake, we are done serving.   
Br. Goertzen received the draft talking points on Phoenix and will send them out to us to read.
Round Table
There were no issues brought up for Round Table discussion
The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m.
Next meeting in October/2018