Calgary AC & RWC Mtg Minutes (Mar 31 2009)

In Attendance: Nicole Frechette – HN&WU 30014; Danial Curotte – UTE; Joyce Lewis – CEIU 30877; Timothy Hunt; Heike McRae – UPCE 30100; Sherry Sayers; Tammy Sapach – CEIU 30857; Wally Fandrich;
Sylvia Garrioch – CEIU 30877; David Fandrich; Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Calgary RO (Staff); Karen Paull; Raj Hari – PSAC Calgary RO (Staff)


Joint CalgaryArea Council and CalgaryRegional Women’s Committee

Meeting – March 31st, 2009

@ CalgaryRegional Office 

In Attendance:                                                                                              Regrets:

Nicole Frechette – HN&WU 30014               Danial Curotte – UTE             Pat Buchanan – Parks (National 30186 

Joyce Lewis – CEIU 30877                            Timothy Hunt                       

Heike McRae – UPCE 30100                         Sherry Sayers              

Tammy Sapach – CEIU 30857                        Wally Fandrich

Sylvia Garrioch – CEIU 30877                        David Fandrich                       

Dolly Ablitt – PSAC Calgary RO(Staff)            Karen Paull

Raj Hari– PSAC Calgary RO (Staff)

 1.         Meeting called to order at 5:49 pm.

 2.         Thoughts on joint meetings

The constitutions of the committees are granted based on a process.  Joint meetings may disrupt the decision making process.  Women and others have fought to have their own voice and joint meetings may disrupt this principle.  Therefore, to respect the principle that equity seeking group members would only be in attendance; not all meetings will be joint.  Robyn Benson messaged that joint meetings are in contravention of the constitution.  Discussion and debate took place concerning the pros and cons of joint versus separate meetings.  Funding separate committees requires that separate meetings should be held. 

Proposal put forward for joint meetings twice per year in the spring and fall with separate caucuses.  There would be a total of 4 meetings per year for each committee.

Motion Carried                                                                                  M/S/C: Danial; Heike

 3.         Review of Area Council By-Laws Template

Section 2: Bylaws (new) Sub-section 1: Calgary & Surrounding Area

            Section 3.1: Second paragraph discussion – are all committees included

            Section 3.1: Will not be adopting

            Section 3.4: Would say AB Federation of Labour

            Section 5.1: AGMheld in February or as deemed by motion of council

            Section 5.2: 3 and second sentence removed

            Section 5.3: CalgaryArea Council

            Section 5.4: CalgaryArea Council

Section 5.5: CalgaryArea Council

            Section 5.6: Six months prior to convention a minimum of 2 members at large

            Section 6.1: Minimum of 3 elected officers

            Section 6.2: CalgaryArea Council

            Section 8.1: Calendar year – January to December

            Section 8.2: CalgaryArea Council

            Section 9: CalgaryArea Council           

            Motion to accept the bylaws as presented.

            Motion Carried                                                                                  M/S/C: Timothy; Wally

3.         Recruitment, Rejuvenation and Retention Workshop

Dolly presented a proposal that will be sent to Robyn Benson.  Date will be rescheduled to allow for a larger catchment area.  Discussion took place concerning number of participants, locale, speaker and areas where invites will be sent. 

Timothy, Tammy and Dolly will be on the planning committee.  The premise is to hold an inspirational workshop potentially with allies and members of locals.  There are 32 locals – with hopes of getting at least 20 locals to participate.  A later date would potentially be better to allow for planning of the event.  

4.         Prairie Region Council – GLBT Challenge

            How do we get to the grassroots members?

  • E-mail and phone trees
  • Only Saskatoonhas any idea where all of its members are!  For example:  Who is in what building and how many people are in that building!
  • How do we get 3 members from each local to commit to putting up a poster?  The makeup of the office will allow us to recruit new committee members.
  • How do we get the message out?
  • Send the information to Dolly – how many people quiz will be sent to Dolly

5.         Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:45 pm.  The next meeting TBA. 

Motion Carried                                                                                  M/S/C: David; Karen

 Separate Caucus for Women’s Committee

 1.         Election of New Executive

            Election of new executive was as follows:

            Chair:  Joyce nominated by Heike – won by acclamation to Joyce

                        Nicole nominated by Joyce (declined)

                        Tammy nominated by Sylvia (declined)

             Treasurer:        Nicole nominated by Sylvie – won by acclamation to Nicole

            Secretary:         Tammy nominated by Joyce – won by acclamation to Tammy.

Motion to elect new executive as acclamated.

            Motion Carried                                                                                 M/S/C: Heike; Nicole