Calgary AC Mtg Minutes (Sept 14 2010)

Attendees: Alec Goertzen – President CIU #30036; Garth Caron – Vice President USGE #30009; Karen Paull – Treasurer NRU#30177; Jacqueline Moody – Secretary CIU#30036; Dolly Ablitt- PSAC RO Staff; Janet Parris- UTE #30024; Kevin King- Southern Alberta Geographical Rep NAT #30186

Minutes from the September 14, 2010 Calgary Area Council meeting.

Calgary Area Council General Meeting
September 14, 2010

Attendees: Alec Goertzen – President CIU #30036; Garth Caron – Vice President USGE #30009; Karen Paull – Treasurer NRU#30177; Jacqueline Moody – Secretary CIU#30036; Dolly Ablitt- PSAC RO Staff;
Janet Parris – UTE #30024; Kevin King- Southern Alberta Geographical Rep NAT #30186;

The meeting was call to order approximately 5:40 pm by the President.

The May 2010 Annual General Meeting Minutes and the June 2010 General Meeting Minutes were presented. It was noted that there was a clerical error in each of the minutes with these being noted, Brother Caron motioned, and Sister Parris seconded the minutes to be adopted as correct. Motion CARRIED. In the minutes from the May Annual General Meeting there were various amendments to the ByLaws.
Brother Goertzen stated that it would be wise if we could have a completely updated set of ByLaws as the changes in May were not the only changes to the ByLaws, but amendments only seem to be in previous minutes and had not made it to the actual ByLaws. Brother King graciously accepted to have all the amendments updated in the ByLaws,and have the revised edition to the Calgary Area Council by November 15, 2010. Brother King is thanked graciously for this task.

Item 1 – Officer Reports Sister Paull presented the Treasurers report as follows: Balance as of August 30, 2010 $2,898.96 PSAC HQ 2010 09 19 $ 850.00 Interest $ .02TOTAL $3,748.98 Sister Paull motioned that her report be accepted, Brother Caron seconded, this motion CARRIED. There were no other reports presented
Item 2 – Labour Day Barbeque Regional Office submitted a budget for this event of $1600, with the Calgary Area Councils portion to contribute $200.00, as was the same for Human Rights Committee, and the Regional Women’s Committee. PSAC graciously provided their displays stand & canopy for this event, which is the 2nd Annual of its kind, and prepared a display on Labour History. This year we had 2,000 cookies, of which 1800 went, the remainder went to the Mustard Seed, who received them very well. We had a very visible presence with about 810 volunteers. It was suggested that the Calgary Area Council consider being a part of the Alberta Labour & History celebration in 2012. There was a great display organized by the Alberta Labour History Institute (ALHI), Calgary Chapter. As CAC President Brother Goertzen was interview by Winston Gereluk of the ALHI regarding the PSAC/CAC presence at the Labour Day Barbeque. There were many giveaways such as colouring books, crayons, pens, frisbee’s, RCMP Kids identification kits, and teeshirts, these were very successful. An electronic copy of the expenditure has been reviewed. Brother Caron motioned that this item be accepted, Sister Moody seconded, and this motion was CARRIED.
Item 3 – Promoting Area Council &Increasing involvement with Locals With PSAC providing the displays for the Labour Day Barbeque, discussion had been opened about displays and the like for the Area Council to have of their own. Sister Ablitt supplied two different quotes for the Roll Up Banner that seemed to be the best venue to begin with to help the CAC become more visible. Several other idea where put forth with the Roll Up Banner, it was agreed to pursue a RollUp Banner for the Area Council to be kept to $500.00 WITH graphics, taxes, and freight. (Brother Caron volunteered) Brother King proposed this motion and Janet seconded it. Motion was CARRIED. (General Discussion) Many other suggestions where brought up such as: Jump Drives, with a premade PowerPoint presentation on the drive. It was agreed that these should be presented as a Promotional line item for the 2011 budget. Concern was raised if there are current funds for this RollUp display with the other annual commitments coming up such as Remembrance Day and the like.
Item 4 – Fight Back Campaign This item was tabled until further notice.
Item 5 – Followup to the Financial Audit by LAC The audit was concluded and the CAC is implementing the suggestions and notes.
Item 6 – Alberta Federation of Labour Discussion – Presented by Sister Ablitt Sister Ablitt stated that she had met with Gil MacGowen and there are several events coming up. One being the November 16, Lobby Day, Brother Goertzen did state that he would be interested in learning more about this. Also the AFL is planning many events to the upcoming 2012 Historic Year.

ALL AGENDA ITEMS HAD BEEN DISCUSSED, other items raised were: The CAC usually presents a Ceremonial Wreath for Remembrance it was approved that $50.00 will be dedicated for this annual endeavour for this year. (This was done as the next CAC meeting will not be until after November 11)

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be THURSDAY, December 9, 2010.