Calgary AC Mtg Minutes – Sep 9 2014

Attendees: Alec Goertzen – President (CIU #30036); Dale Marianicz – Vice President (AGR #30046); Phillip Chan – Treasurer (UNE SSO #30040); Janet Parris – Secretary (UTE #30024); Bradley Tetarenko – (UNE #39261); Sam Akinsanya – (CIU #30036); Guest: Dolly Ablitt – PSAC RO


  • Alec Goertzen – President (CIU #30036)
  • Dale Marianicz – Vice President (AGR #30046)
  • Phillip Chan – Treasurer (UNE SSO #30040)
  • Janet Parris – Secretary (UTE #30024)
  • Bradley Tetarenko – (UNE #39261)
  • Sam Akinsanya – (CIU #30036)
  • Guest:  Dolly Ablitt – PSAC RO

The meeting started promptly at 5:45 pm.

Br. Goertzen presented the Agenda for review and adoption. M/S/C: Goertzen/Parris

Br. Goertzen presented the June 10 2014 minutes for review & adoption M/S/C:   Goertzen/Marianicz. 


VP presented a verbal report:  Volunteered with PSAC at Globalfest a few nights over the 5 night total.  Shared a booth with UFCW.  Helped out at Labour Day Barbecue hosted by Calgary District Labour Council.  Interesting some of the views of various people that dropped by.

Treasurer presented a verbal report:  AC may be looking for alternative banking.  BMO now charging $2.50 per month service fee.  Used to be free.  Other committees also going through the same thing.  Believe the lowest they can get are $8.50/month.  See if other institutions have a more favorable view for charitable organizations.

President  presented a verbal report:  my report will look at what we have done through the summer as we go through the meeting topics. No activity from PRC since Convention in June; trying to coordinate new communications contact for everyone.  PRC is now comprised of 50% newly elected members and this is/will be encouraging to Council as a whole.  A Summit meeting coming up in Regina.  Will be looking at plans for campaigns and actions through the winter and into next spring to see what needs to be done about supporting bargaining teams.

Old Business:  Summer Activities: 

Global Fest: PSAC hosted the Human Rights Forum on August 15th.  We co-participated with our affiliates UFCW on a panel discussion about TFW programs by having a Deb Kosteniuk from the Regional Womens Committee give closing remarks after the panel discussion.  We had a booth and presence on the grounds which we shared with two locals of UFCW which had much information and giveaways.   This year seemed more of a challenge compared to other years, in coordinating volunteers, etc.  This as been our 4th year participating at Globalfest.  Maybe we should think of another venue in the future for portraying ourselves.  We don’t want to opt out of Globalfest but it isn’t on a real political action level for the AC; we’ve participated more as a support to HRC who have coordinated this in previous years.  HRC and RWC chair’s are on board about getting together to discuss the challenges, how can make things betters, and future participation.  Br. Chan suggested coordinating transportation issues which arose at Globalfest. 

Motion to reimburse parking receipts to members up to $20.M/S/C:  Goertzen/Chan.

Labour Day Barbecue, Sept. 1st: The 3-committees again co-sponsored the event in teaming with CDLC & affiliates.  We gave out information, yummy cookies and prizes from the spinning wheel.  HRC bought condiments this year, and we spent $256 between cookies and prizes.  It is suggested the expenses be totaled and then shared between the 3 committee.  This to be discussed and reconciled with the other two committees.

New Business:  Fall Activities/Plans:  Decided planning something specific in the short term may conflict with Summit Action plan.  Decided to wait for the Summit planning happen to see where the direction takes us. 

End of November there is an Activist School in Southern Alberta. 21st, 22nd and 23rd November.

Other education planned in S.Alta are – Committee Training, TUB, Womens Place in the Union, Grievance Handling – dates are listed & course description on the website for sign up.

Seasonal Social:  Attendance has been low over the past few years, usually because of weather issues.  It was suggested an open house be held during the activist school.  Have the committees host as there will be many people attending from Southern Alberta.

Discussed the Worksock Campaign along with getting bins into the workplace for collecting items.  Sis Parris suggested we coordinate with the other committees as many members on the Womens Committee and Human Rights Committee work at the Harry Hays building.  Maybe the chairs of the three committees can meet to discuss combining lists so a campaign would meet all three committee mandates.  Decision and direction to be received by the 26th September.

Remembrance Day:  We have tried to participate previously in the wreath laying ceremony.  Many events are held in different locations – towns, schools… Since we have budgeted for this event, Sis Parris suggested putting the funds towards a veteran’s charity in light of the recent changes in the Veterans Offices.  Br. Goertzen will discuss with RWC member from Veterans Affairs about and we will look at an alternate way of recognition.

Elections: Elections were held to nominate delegates to PSAC Triennial Convention.

  • Delegate:  Alec Goertzen – Nominated Marianicz/Seconded Tetarenko – Acclaimed
  • First Alternate:  Dale Marianicz – Nominated Goertzen/Seconded Chan
  • Second Alternate:  Phil Chan – Nominated Goertzen/Seconded Parris
  • Third Alternate:  Brad Tetarenko – Nominated Marianicz/Seconded Goertzen

2nd Alternate Area Council PRC Rep held:

  • Dale Marianicz – Nominated Tetarenko/Seconded Chan

All positions were accepted as elected.

Round Table:

Br. Chan suggested a volunteer appreciation night be held.  All three committees could send out thank you notes to their volunteers along with an invite.  Time and place to be determined.  Maybe have specialty snacks.  M/S/C: Chan/Tetarenko

Meeting adjourned at 19:15hours.

Next meeting is to be advised and posted to website.