Calgary AC Mtg Minutes – Oct 25 2017

Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes- Oct 25, 2017

Calgary Area Council Meeting Minutes

October 25th 2017


Alec Goertzen, President

Philip Chan, Treasurer

Melisa Lumbala, Secretary

Deb Kosteniuk, President Women Committee


Dale Marianicz, Vice-President


Raj Hari, RO Rep

The meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m. 


Br Goertzen presented the Agenda for review.       

There were no amendments to the Agenda


Br Goertzen presented the July 26, 2017 minutes for review and adoption.

Br Goertzen mentioned that Resolutions from the last minutes dated July 26th were not included but there are available online.

Sist Kosteniuk asked the cost of the cake served at Labour Day as it was not noted in the July minutes she will talk more on the new agenda.  Br Goertzen replied it was about 50$. 

There were some noted spelling and grammar errors. This likely may have happened with upload to web or amendments to original copy sent by Sis Lumbala.

Br Goertzen will send a cleaned up copy of July minutes again to the RO for uploading and posting. Based on this July Minutes were accepted

Treasurer’s Update

Br Chan reported that Br Goertzen recently updated our address with the bank in order to receive monthly statements with the office move in August. As of Sept 5th we have an account balance of $1409.61 in the bank. Outstanding expenses from Labor Day are not yet reflected, as we didn’t receive our October bank statement yet.

Br Goertzen asked if we get new allocation for new activities/events.

Br Chan replied yes

Br Goertzen, said he will need to put a new budget for CLIFF and any other fall activities to be discussed.

Summer Activities

Br Chan advised that for next Labour Day event, we may need to consider increase the amount for the cheese. It was really tight this year and especially when you take in consideration there were not as many attending as in past year. Bros. Dale, Phil, Raj and Mike Tennant were present, but regret no replies from members to assist or attending.

We gave away all of our swag and treat of rice krispies squares was left but were a hit. It was so easier to handle the treat as it was less dirty and more hygienic. Br Goertzen noted the cost of the treat kept us in budget. Br Chan stated cake looked good but more needed more time serving, which is an issue. We did our prize wheel with PSAC swag and 10 meal gift cards for 5$ each. We even had Premier Rachel Notley come to spin our wheel, it was a nice surprise…but she didn’t stay long our booth and unfortunately, we don’t have any pictures. Br Goertzen, said he will try to contact her communication officer to see if we can get a picture of that event if it’s on her Facebook page.

Total cost for condiments was $400; adjustment for GST and for pump was not earlier included.

Fall/Winter Activities

Canadian Labor International Film Festival (CLiFF)

Br. Goertzen, advised our CLIFF event is a go but will need a budget submission to REVP and will work on it this week. Our chosen film package will be 90 min package that does happen to include Alberta production from AUPE.

Br. Hari: maybe will be a good idea to do it in a different forum as I don’t think it’s a big turn out to watch movies then ask questions about it.

Br. Goertzen: agreed but would like to try for a last time and maybe we could find ideas how to get more involved.

Sis Lumbala: Did we choose a date?

Br Goertzen: Because November is labor month, offered Nov 22 & 24 depending on the RWC weekend retreat, or we might have to consider Nov 15&17.

Sis.Kosteniuk: confirmed they are having a retreat the 24-26 weekend and on Dec 6th are presenting a movie. Will check with Dolly if we could maybe do part of the CLIFF event on Friday as a starter for a retreat.

Sis: Lumbala: suggested we do catering for Friday and for Wednesday simply popcorn, chips, etc.

Br. Goertzen, yes, it’s a good idea, I will take note on the budget.

Remembrance Day

Br Goertzen: In past couple of years we don’t normally get advised of services we can participate in and trying to find a service this late in year is difficult, with work and other personal commitments. So the AC had provided a donation to the Poppy Fund to support veterans on behalf of our members. Is this something the AC would like to participate in again.

Br Chan: motion to make a donation of 250$?

Sis Kosteniuk: I second.

All in favor to give a donation. Unanimously passed.

Br Chan will issue cheque and deliver personally on behalf of PSAC members.

Appreciation Night

Br. Goertzen, we have hosted this event at the regional office to celebrate our appreciation for members volunteering thru the year at our events. Unfortunately the past couple of years turnout have been low or no one shows up at all. The question do we want to host this again?

Br Phil: Personally he feels a lot of work goes into planning, food, etc. and not enough members commit to showing up. He recommends passing this year.

Sis Lumbala: Maybe do it in the new year for a kick off in January.

Br Goertzen: to help compare, asked how many people attended the open house night?

Br Hari: 18 shows, 30 RSVP

Sis Kosteniuk: stated there were new faces at the open house.

Br Hari:  noted we already have RWC retreat, CLIFF, and Christmas around the corner, so do you think we have enough time to organize more?

Br Goertzen: I think it will be a good idea to do it as Sis Lumbala proposed.. consider it for a new year event.

Br Hari: what will be the purpose?

Br Goertzen: its about getting engaging our membership and getting them linked in to the Committees, work we are doing, events we are planning that we would like them to attend. Lets face it, the posters we send out thru the RO only go to Local Presidents and it’s a known fact that not all of those posters make it to a union board or to members email. So members don’t always know what we are doing, so they can attend, as much as we try and try.

Br Hari: Let’s work on common goal, invite various leaders to start with

Br Goertzen, yes we thought about it for our brunch. Let’s think about new activities regarding more engagement from members and we will talk about it more on the next meeting.


Sist Kosteniuk: I would like to do a tri-meeting. Have you noticed the rallies across the country lately? We have not anything large scale since the Conservative convention rally and I would like to see us to do something like a march, or maybe we go walk in front of a Calgary MP office, but doing nothing? Phoenix will not get fixed.

Br Goertzen, it’s a great idea but we need keep the momentum and to get those members involved who have actually been affected by Phoenix in Calgary.  There are a lot of members in the Harry Hays building and we met them in June NPSW event, and there are quite a few locals in the building we could contact. We will need to find a way how to ask THEM to participate and to get their commitment to attend and make their experience known to the public. Will be great to have a meeting in November to discuss as January will be too late, and if we could coordinate and plan to be ready for next PRC meeting we could have all of them and maybe REVP attend.

Sis Kosteniuk, we could talk to Marianne during Leadership weekend and once will come back we might have a plan.

Br Goertzen, proposes Nov 16th or 23rd around 5:00pm, pending confirmation from Sis Kosteniuk on CLIFF nights vs. RWC retreat. Once confirmed he will send invite to committees with date/time.  Everyone agreed.

No further business at hand

The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 pm