Calgary AC Mtg Minutes – Oct 18 2016

Attendees: Alec Goertzen, President; Dale Marianicz, Vice-President; Phillip Chan, Treasurer; Kevin King (UNE 30186); Allison Tse (UTE 30024); Jaison Van Tine (UNE 30117); Meghraj Khadka (UNE 30117)
Honoured Guests: Raj Hari, RO Rep; Dave Burchell (UNE – Alberta RVP); Angad Hundal (UNE – Alberta ARVP)

Calgary Area Council Meeting – Oct. 18th, 2016
Alec Goertzen, President
Dale Marianicz, Vice-President
Phillip Chan, Treasurer
Kevin King (UNE 30186)
Allison Tse (UTE 30024)
Jaison Van Tine (UNE 30117)
Meghraj Khadka (UNE 30117)
Honoured Guests:
Raj Hari, RO Rep
Dave Burchell (UNE – Alberta RVP)
Angad Hundal (UNE – Alberta ARVP)
Deb Kosteniuk, Secretary
Sam Akinsanya (CIU 30036)
The meeting started promptly at 17:53. Introductions were made around the table. Sis. Tse, Br. Van Tine and Br. Khadka were all warmly welcomed to their first area council (AC) meeting. AC also welcomed the observational participation of the UNE Alberta regional team when they had a meeting stop at the Calgary regional office (RO).
1. Br. Goertzen presented the agenda for review and adoption.
No amendments were made, and the agenda was adopted – M/S/C Marianicz/Chan

2. Previous meeting minutes (May 17th, 2016)
Br. Goertzen presented the previous meeting minutes for review and adoption. No amendments were made, and the minutes was adopted – M/S/C Marianicz/Chan

3. Treasurer’s update
Br. Chan updated the current bank balance, as of Oct. 5th, is $2,671.88. Moreover, Bank of Montreal (BMO) mailed a letter informing AC that it will be starting a $3 monthly paper statement charge as of October. Br. Chan has advised everyone that AC should consider the option of switching over to another financial institution, as AC was never charged for any service fees until last year.
4. Old business
Br. Goertzen started off by stating that AC didn’t have any planned summer events, as there were several reasons: chiefly 2015 was a year filled with many events – namely both the AB provincial election (May 5th) and the federal election (Oct. 19th) which took many efforts; and other instances where the lack of interest as well as the lack of volunteers caused some events to be delayed or cancelled. However there were some notable events that took place in September.
1) Labour Day – we had a great turn out like previous years involving the general public. And AC handed out cakes as dessert – which was consumed rather quite quickly by the public.

2) Earlier in June, the AC – along with HRC (Human Rights Committee) and RWC (Regional Women Committee) – have joined forces to hold an ice-cream event to celebrate, engage, and encourage participation among our members directly at their work sites. Regrettably, due to lacklustre response, we were only able to hold the ice-cream event at the Harry Hays building downtown on Sept. 29th. Fortunately, we had a great turn out with 272 members showing up for ice-creams during lunch hours.

5. New business

A) There is a Day of Action Oct 31/2016 campaign currently going on involving cartoon depiction of our employer in regards to bargaining.
B) Calgary Labour International Films Festival (CLIFF) – AC will be holding 2 nights of films screening on Nov 22nd & 25th. One particular film of interest will be highlighting “Rand’s Formula”.

6. Elections
There were 2 positions up for elections:
1) Prairie Region Council (PRC) representative and 2 alternates
1st nominee – Alec Goertzen was nominated by Br. Marianicz and seconded by Br. Chan. There were no other nominations. Br. Goertzen accepted the nomination. Br. Goertzen as acclaimed. Congratulations Br. Goertzen!
1st alternate – Dale Marianicz was nominated by Br. Chan and seconded by Br. Khadka. There were no other nominations. Br. Marianicz accepted the nomination. Br. Marianicz as acclaimed. Congratulations Br. Marianicz!
2nd alternate – Phillip Chan was nominated by Br. Khadka and seconded by Br. Van Tine. There were no other nominations. Br. Chan accepted the nomination. Br. Chan as acclaimed. Congratulations Br. Chan!
2) AC representative to the Prairie Region Triennial Convention (Apr. 21-23, 2017 in Winnipeg, MB) and 1 alternate
1st nominee – Phillip Chan was nominated by Br. Goertzen and seconded by Br. Marianicz. There were no other nominations. Br. Chan accepted the nomination. Br. Chan as acclaimed. Congratulations Br. Chan!
Alternate – Meghraj Khadka was nominated by Br. Van Tine and seconded by Br. Goertzen. There were no other nominations. Br. Khadka accepted the nomination. Br. Khadka as acclaimed.
Congratulations Br. Khadka!
7. Roundtable
A motion was tabled by Br. Chan, and seconded by Br. King: To consent the AC make a donation of $250 for Calgary Poppy Fund in support of the veterans on Remembrance Day. Motion was voted in favor unanimously – motion passed.
Other general topics were discussed in regards to recruiting general members for different committees and locals – and members’ participation. Also, PSAC education courses were discussed in general – which highlighted the subject of members’ knowledge (or lack) of their own collective agreement, and perhaps the issue of generational gap. There was also a discussion on the subject holding rally and preparing for strikes. Lastly, there was a discussion about membership apathy and how to engage them .
Meeting was adjourned at 19:38. Next AC meeting will be held on Nov. 30th at 17:30. Light dinner will be served.