Calgary AC Mtg Minutes (May 31 2011)

Attendees: Alec Goertzen, President #30036; Garth Caron, Vice President #30009; Jacqueline Moody, Secretary #30036; Dolly Ablitt, PSAC Staff, Reg. Rep., Kevin King, PRC – Southern Alberta Geographical Rep; Cathy Martens, NAT #30186; Dale Marianicz, AGR #30046

                                                        CALGARY AREA COUNCIL MEETING   

                                                                  MINUTES – May 31, 2011                                                                


 Attendees:                                                                     Regrets:

Alec Goertzen                President #30036                      Jenna Adams     Treasurer #30186

Garth Caron                  Vice President #30009

Jacqueline Moody         Secretary #30036

Dolly Ablitt                    PSAC Staff, Reg. Rep.

Kevin King                     PRC – Southern Alberta Geographical Rep

Cathy Martens              NAT   #30186

Dale Marianicz              AGR   #30046

Call to order by Brother Goertzen 

Brother Goertzen requested that the previous minutes for the February 9th AGM Meeting be accepted, as presented.  Motion to be accepted:  Brother Goertzen    Seconded:  Brother Caron


Adoption of Agenda

 Financial Report

Brother Goertzen requested that this be deferred as CACTreasurer could not make this meeting.  However, it was reported cheques received for CACaccount:  $1000 – for 2011 allocation for the Council from Regional Office; $600.00 from National PSAC in support of budget; $1000 Convention delegate subsidy from Regional Execiutive Vice President’s  Office.  Further, all proper registry for cheque writing and other account updates, have now been filed with the Bank and now include 3 signatures on file: Sister Adams, Brother Goertzen, and Brother Caron.

 Brother Goertzen submitted motion for payment of expenses for reimbursement; these were for the former CACTreasurer Appreciation gifts, and food for the Annual General Meeting in Feb/2011

$33.05 – Dolly Ablitt and $19.40 – Alec Goertzen

Motion to be accepted:  Brother Caron             Seconded:  Sister Moody


 Brother Goertzen made motion to issue advance in the amount of $250.00 be allocated to Sister Adams for Prairie Convention as CAC delegate.  Brother King questioned the change in delegate from election at AGM.   The change and the process to secure the new delegate, directed thru the REVP office, was explained and there were no further questions.

Motion to be accepted:  Sister Moody    Seconded:  Brother Caron


 New Business – CAC Projects

Labour Day BBQ –

Brother Goertzen advised that this event would be held Sept. 5th, at Olympic Plaza and is being coordinated thru the Calgary District Labour Council (CDLC).   There was some discussion on “things” to highlight the 100 years of Parks for the display at booth, food arrangements, and other Campaign support (Think Public).  Sister Ablitt advised a meeting of the Calgary Committee’s (HRC, CAC, & RWC) will have to be scheduled to discuss. 

Day of the Steward

Brother Goertzen advised this will an event tentatively set July 24th as the “Celebrate the Steward” for all area Locals, to be held at BownessPark.   This date will be a steward family event, where there is cooking BBQ areas, and it is hoped to be a potluck type fun day for all components and to thank the Stewards for their hard work on behalf of their members.  A callout letter will go out to all locals for a planning meeting participation for later in June; Brother Goertzen will be the lead.

A deposit for this venue is needed in the amount of $306.00.  As there was not enough time to bring this fact to the committee Brother Goertzen paid the deposit, to ensure a preferred reserved location. 

Motion to reimburse Brother Goertzen:  Sister Martens   Seconded:  Brother Caron


 Bullying in the Workplace Campaign

Brother Goertzen advised this is part of our 2011 budget to move forward on how we can promote awareness and education on the subject.  Some ideas discussed were if going to be organized either a pamphlet, or some such media to inform about the Canada Labour Code provisions, and education.  Brother Goertzen asked for an Executive to be lead on this campaign; Brother Caron accepted, and Sister Moody volunteered to assist.  There will be a planning meeting scheduled for afternoon June 20th, followed after with a call out letter will go for participation by Locals.

 New Business

Think Public/Fightback Campaign –

Ideas are being solicited for giveaways, Frisbees, bandanas, cake, etc. Many Ideas were considered and noted.  Sister Ablitt will pass these ideas on to National office with request for consideration.

 HRC & Global Fest

Brother Caron explained the HRC sponsorship to GlobalFest, have been offered August 19th.  Brother Caron stated that they would need about 20 people to volunteer for this day.  Any members interested in volunteering should contact Brother Caron directly.

 Postal Strike

Brother Goertzen raised the awareness about the recent notices regarding Canada Post and impending strike action and support for brothers and sisters with CUPW.  All members encouraged to check the PSAC website regularly for updates and efforts to support them.

 Cross-Audit for 2010 Financials

This was noted still to be actioned with RWC before the end of June.  The Treasurers from both Committees will be contacted by Sister Ablitt to arrange this.

 Day of Action – was anticipated for June 7 in all TB locals of a Plant Gate or Desk Drop of stickers/flyer.  Flyer handouts about Harper government were given out to members present to distribute in their locals on June 7th.

 Round table

Brother King gave a very quick synopsis of the negotiation preparations happening Parks Agency.

 Brother Goertzen wished everyone attending a wonderful Convention in Winnipeg.

 Next meeting tentatively scheduled for September 2011, after BBQ event. 

Call for adjournment Brother Caron                 Seconded:  Sister Martens