Calgary AC Mtg Minutes – May 29 2013

Attendees: Alec Goertzen – President (CIU #30036); Dale Marianicz – Vice President (AGR #30046); Janet Parris – Secretary (UTE #30024); Dolly Ablitt – PSAC RO

Calgary AC Minutes (May 29, 2013)



Alec Goertzen – President (CIU #30036)

Dale Marianicz – Vice President (AGR #30046)

Janet Parris – Secretary (UTE #30024)

Dolly Ablitt – PSAC RO


The meeting started promptly at 6:08 pm.

Br. Goertzen presented the Agenda for review and adoption.

Sis. Parris moved for adoption, seconded by Br. Marianicz. CARRIED

Br. Goertzen tabled the adoption of the minutes from the last meeting as a copy was not available due to the flood in the office – OPEN

Financial Report:

Br. Goertzen advised allocations and annual allotment should be seen within the next couple of weeks.

Day of Mourning – April 28th:

Br. Marianicz reported on his attendance.  Hosted by affiliate, Calgary District Labour Council (CDLC).  Several groups were represented.  Media attended which included Global, CTV and QR77.  Wreaths were laid.  Br. Goertzen stated other locations in the Prairies held candlelight vigils.  Maybe CDLC would consider a candlelight vigil next year. 

Br. Goertzen thanked Br. Marianicz for attending in his place at short notice.

JLP Co-Sponsor: 

This was carried over from last meeting.  A discussion took place.  Br. Marianicz recommended we respond to JLP that AC has said yes to their proposal.  Agreed by consensus.

Public Service Week, June 9th-15th

Affected and surplus letters are still coming out plus other ongoing issues i.e. Bill 377, Rand…   and boycott of PSW will take place again this year.  A discussion took place and it was agreed by consensus a Plant Gate would take place at the Harry Hays Building as there are a greater number of locals located there.  This would take place on June 10th.  A leaflet will be handed out.  Copies will be supplied to other locals for distribution.  This would be an AC event.  Sis Parris moved that up to 6 hours loss of salary would be covered for the week.  Seconded by Br. Marianicz.

Globalfest, Aug 16th-25th:

Booth/Tent confirmed and will be shared with UFCW401; working on 3rd group in order to obtain a bigger tent.  Discussed campaign material and handouts. Theme of Globalfest will be Women, Gender and Identity issues.  Volunteers will be required as in previous years.  Human Rights forums will be held the week prior.  PSAC members showing up just before start time of the forums receive front row seating.  Ongoing communications will be issued.

Labour Day Barbecue, Sept.  2nd:

Plans to participate in the annual event at Olympic Plaza, together with the other HRC & WC.  Discussed promotion materials and handouts from Wpg Regional office – will use the same as Globalfest.  A new canopy tent, foldaway tables, and megaphone will be upgraded by the RO assets; also discussed having a display table/wall – TV/video display.  

Maria Dunn:

This was carried over from last meeting.  Cardell Theatre is completely booked for June and Maria Dunn is not available.  Br. Goertzen advised 2 back to back dates have tentatively been booked in Sept.  Discussion took place over costs.  Plans and discussions to be held over summer months.

New Business:

It is with regret our Treasurer Jenna Adams resigned and left the Public Service.  A request is made for a volunteer replacement from any of the locals or the General Membership in the Calgary area.  Contact the Alec or the Dolly at the Calgary RO for more info.


Meeting adjourned at 7:25pm.

Next meeting September/2013