Calgary AC Mtg Minutes – May 17 2016 – Draft

Attendees: Alec Goertzen, President; Dale Marianicz, Vice-President; Philip Chan, Treasurer; Deb Kosteniuk, UTE 30024; Sam Akinsanya, CIU 30036; George Vassolo, UNE 30186;
Guests: Raj Hari, RO Rep; Kevin King, UNE NVP


Alec Goertzen, President      
Dale Marianicz, Vice-President
Philip Chan, Treasurer
Deb Kosteniuk, UTE 30024
Sam Akinsanya, CIU 30036
George Vassolo, UNE 30186


Raj Hari, RO Rep
Kevin King, UNE NVP

The meeting started promptly at 5:40 p.m. Introductions were made around the table and Br. Vassolo was warmly welcomed to the meeting, his first. 


1. Br. Goertzen presented the Agenda for review and adoption. 

Br. Goertzen amended the Agenda by adding: election for secretary, RO area parking, and the June 8th Day of Action The amended Agenda was adopted – M/S/C Chan/Marianicz

2. February Minutes

Br. Goertzen presented the February 16, 2016 minutes for review and adoption – M/S/C Chan/Akinsanya

3. Election of Secretary

The position of Secretary is for a 2 year term and the CAC Bylaws set out the Secretary’s responsibilities.

Raj Hari ran the election:

There were no nominations in writing.

Sr. Deb Kosteniuk was nominated by Br. Goertzen, and seconded by Br. Chan.

Sr. Kosteniuk was acclaimed Secretary.

Welcome Sister!

4. Treasurer’s Update

Br. Chan reported on two matters:

  1. Poppy Fund cheque from 2015 cleared the bank account;
  2. Prairie Region Council allocation of $2420.00 was received.

The bank balance is $2989.21, sufficient to cover most of the events Area Council budged for. Br. Goertzen advised that PRC Finance Committee & REVP reviewed the budget proposals and justification for funding 2 events was not sufficient, or required a detailed accounting for the funds; a resubmission was requested.

Br. King led a lively discourse on the energy that Executives and Committees expend to receive their funding from regional councils. 

5. Spring/Summer/Fall Events

The National Day of Mourning – regrettably due to schedule conflicts, AC executive were unable to have a representative at the Ceremony this year. In the past the AC has purchased a fresh wreath to lay at the Workers’ Memorial, but now we have purchased an artificial floral wreath that we can lay at the site and then remove at the end of the ceremony. This will reduce the cost to this event in the future, as the artificial wreath has a one time cost but can be used for a number of years; the wreath will be stored in the RO.

6. June 8 Day of Action (DOA)

Raj Hari informed everyone about this national event. PSAC is asking every workplace to participate by having members show visible support for the bargaining teams that are mobilized and ready to bargain. The RO is coordinating all the logistics and info distribution. Communication have been emailed to Calgary Locals, and every component is joining in, including CRA. Ottawa wants to know about participation and locals are to report. There is some phone work needed and up to 2 day LOS has been authorized, and so far CIU has volunteered to do some of this.

7. Public Service Week

Raj mentioned there is a message from PSAC National about National Public Service week, which shortly follows the June DOA. As in the past, the message is still to boycott the events planned by the employer but do not replace them with our own events.

Br. Chan suggested that AC/HRC/RWC band together to do something related to the June 8 DOA. His suggestion is we do a “travelling road show” to take the council and committees to the people.   We could take some time in the summer and visit sites (i.e. Harry Hays where there are several components) and have them learn about the committees to foster an interest in volunteering and mobilization. Br. Goertzen advised some of the logistics need to be confirmed. Raj proposed there be a meeting with all committees to discuss this as coordination of this effort will be the key to success. Br. Goertzen advised the meeting may have to be held near end of June.  Sr. Kosteniuk proposed visiting sites during July/August and doing an ice cream day – come get a treat and learn about volunteering for PSAC. A summit meeting to hammer out details such as time frame, etc. is good start.

8. GlobalFest

There was a spirited discussion of events AC plans for in a year and how often these events have the AC, HRC and RWC banding together to participate. GlobalFest is one of the events the Council, HRC and RWC participate together, from the citizenship ceremony to manning the PSAC booth on the grounds. Last year PIPSC joined us in the booth for the first time. Br. Goertzen spoke about the discussion held after last year’s GlobalFest between the group that the AC/HRC/RWC would take a break from GlobalFest in 2016.  With the same individuals volunteering for events through the year and recruitment of new volunteers not as successful as hoped, we need to take time to regroup and regenerate. Raj reported he spoke with Lyndsay at GlobalFest to advise that we would not be participating this year. We received a recognition plaque for our participation in 2015.

9. Labour Day Picnic

The CDLC, together with PSAC and many other Calgary unions and public interest groups, holds a BBQ every Labour Day Monday. We usually pay for the condiments for the burgers as our contribution and have a booth on site to promote PSAC. HRC usually arranges the condiment order and pick up, but cannot this year. Br. Goertzen stated he will probably take that responsibility. Also, the CDLC is short on cooks/burger flippers. We should see about recruiting members to assist.

10. CLiFF

Br. Goertzen briefly discussed CLiFF; an event promoting labour in film in Canada. We held an event last year in November 2015.  Those that attended found the short films enjoyable, and discussion about holding an event in fall 2016 took place.

11. Round Table

Br. Marianicz – his local is having a general meeting May 31, 2016 and he will discuss the June 8 DOA at the meeting. CFIA is back at the bargaining table in June.

Br. Akinsanya – the inaugural Regional Racially Visible Conference is being held September 8 to 11, 2016 in Winnipeg. A call out for participants will be out soon. Register as your component’s local representative. The National HRC Conference is in Toronto in May 2017 – the call out for that will be issued in June.

Br. Vassolo – please put the website address in the minutes so he has it and can advise others where to look for notices of upcoming meetings or to read the meeting minutes so they have some idea of what actually goes on at a meeting. Br. Goertzen agreed that the link would be duly recorded in the minutes:

Br. King – discussed the importance of the October 4 Vigil for Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women; Sr. Kosteniuk advised the RWC usually partners with Awo Taan Healing Lodge and donates funds for the Vigil (it’s usually used to feed the participants) and by participating in the march from City Hall to Eau Claire where the healing ceremony is held.

– Br. King advised Parks will be meeting with the employer for the third time from June 27 to 29.  He believes the next meeting with the employer will be in the fall.

– Br. King also discussed the introduction in the House of Commons of the historic legislation on Gender Identity Prohibition under the Human Rights Act of Canada. Here is a link to the CBC news report of May 17, 2016:

RO Rep Raj Hari – Calgary may consider holding a Resolution Writing course in September; October call out for the PSAC Prairie Region Conference in April 2017 (Winnipeg).      

Br. Chan – noted the UTE ratification votes in Calgary were coming up May 24-26, 2016.

Sr. Kosteniuk – confirmed the ratification vote dates; she noted that May 24 ratification votes were being held in Red Deer and Calgary, May 25th the vote was in Lethbridge and then on the 26th it was the Airport Call Centre’s vote day.

Br. Goertzen – mentioned the Nation Health & Safety Conference in Montreal June 10, 2016. Br. Goertzen advised the MP of Labour, MaryAnn Mihychuk, is hosting an online survey on flex time until JUNE 30, 2016 – she has tweeted about it – check it out.  Here is the link:

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m. 

The next meeting of Area Council will be held in September, after Labour Day.