Calgary AC Mtg Minutes – Mar 6 2013

Attending: Alec Goertzen – President (CIU #30036); Dale Marianicz – Vice President (AGR #30046); Jenna Adams – Treasurer (UNE #30186); Janet Parris – Secretary (UTE #30024); Dolly Ablitt – PSAC RO


Calgary AC Minutes (March 6, 2013)


Alec Goertzen – President (CIU #30036)

Dale Marianicz – Vice President (AGR #30046)

Jenna Adams – Treasurer (UNE #30186)

Janet Parris – Secretary (UTE #30024)

Dolly Ablitt – PSAC RO


The meeting started promptly at 6:08 pm.


Br. Goertzen presented the Agenda for review and adoption with one addition under New Business being a discussion about the Leadership Meeting.

Sis. Parris moved for adoption, seconded by Sis Adams.   CARRIED


Br. Goertzen presented the November 2012 minutes for review & adoption.  Minor corrections were made to the minutes.

Sis. Parris moved for the adoption; seconded by Br. Marianicz.   CARRIED



Br. Goertzen presented a verbal report on his position as President for the past 12 months; a written copy will follow.  He discussed the numerous highlights over the 12 month period:  Third Choice Campaign-Full Cup for Action, National Day of Mourning, PSAC National Convention, We Are All Affected summer campaign, Public Service Week, Labour Day BBQ, Day of Action, Calgary By-Election and the Work Sock Campaign-Workers Helping Workers.  Sis. Adams read out a thank you letter received from the Executive Director of the Drop in Centre reference the Work Sock Campaign.  This will be scanned and posted on the PSAC website Work Sock page.

Sis Adams moved to adopt the Presidents report; Seconded by Sis Parris.     CARRIED


Sis Adam presented the Financial Statement for January 1, 2012 – December 31, 2012

Opening Balance – January 1, 2012      $2,229.50

Closing Balance – December 31, 2012   $3141.62

A Statement of Expenses details was provided along with more detailed verbal information.

Br. Marianicz moved to adopt the financial statement; Seconded by Sis Parris.    CARRIED


Br. Marianicz presented a verbal Vice President report for his activities since being elected April 2012; a written copy will follow.  He detailed his participation in PSAC campaigns including the PSAC edition of National Public Service Week, the Calgary Folk Festival and Globalfest to take action for the “We Are All Affected” campaign, the Labour Day BBQ and the Sept 15 National Day of Action BBQ.

Sis Adams moved to adopt the Vice Presidents report; Seconded by Sis Parris.   CARRIED


Br. Goertzen offered a thank you to each member of the Executive for their strong support and cooperation this very busy past year with the CAC.



No outstanding business for 2012.



JLP CO-SPONSOR:  The National Managers Committee is a sub group of the Alberta Federal Council and partner with JLP’s to have people in Management of the Public Service attend and coordinate/host JLP sessions.   Some Government departments don’t have the numbers in one office to host there own JLP workshop; at least 15-20 participants of Mgmt/Union to schedule a workshop. The JLP have gone to some partners to ask if they could host group sessions. The JLP-Prairies Union coordinator has made a request that Area Council partner with the National Managers Committee to be a co-sponsor of a workshop.  It was decided Area Council will seek advice with Wpg and HQ and discuss at the next meeting.                  OPEN


LEADERSHIP FORUM:  PRC-Prairies has set date for April 3rd.  PRC is asking for one rep of each of the locals and committees to attend.  PRC is meeting in Calgary on the 19th and 20th April.  A discussion took place regarding conflict with dates, which has been sent thru to the REVP to consider.                   INFO

UPDDATE Mar 12/12:  Forum rescheduled for Calgary to April 30th


2013 CAC BUDGET:  Br. Goertzen asked everyone to review the proposed Budget.  Most of the items are standard items for us, however some further clarity to new items proposed.

·Promoting our Union – proposal made to consider hosting a concert event during Public Service Week, with Maria Dunn (labor musician/artist).   See website:
Host costs, venue locations and ideas for covering cost to the event were discussed (local sponsorship, affiliation partnership, and others in city that could be willing to share booking). The event was approved to the budget in principal, however the AC members will present the idea of purchasing tickets to their locals.  This will be discussed further at the next meeting.

·GLOBALfest 2013 – the sponsor this year is the HRC, but AC will again be assisting and have an onsite presence.  This is an excellent venue for AC visibility to the public for our mandate and members. 

·WORKSOCK Campaign – this was successful in 2012, and having a better handle on this for this year, but suggestion maybe start earlier this year (ie October). 

Br Marianicz moved to accept the budget; Seconded by Sis Parris.   CARRIED


ELECTIONS:  Sis. Ablitt monitored the elections this evening. The positions up for re-electon for the next 2 year term are Vice President and Treasurer.

Vice President – Sis Adams nominated Br Marianicz and was seconded by Sis Parris.  There were no other nominations.  Br  Marianicz accepted the nomination.  Dolly Ablitt declared Br Marianicz acclaimed.  Congratulations Br Marianicz.

Treasurer – Sis Parris nominated Sis Adams and was seconded by Br Marianicz.  There were no other nominations.  Sis Adams accepted the nomination.  Dolly Ablitt declared Sis Adams acclaimed.  Congratulations Sis Adams.



Br Goertzen encouraged we each bring members in our workplace to a meeting, in particular the Local’s Executive Members.


Meeting adjourned at 20:00 hours.

Next meeting is scheduled for late May – date/time to be advised and posted to website