Calgary AC Mtg Minutes (Feb 9 2011)

Attendees: Alec Goertzen, President #30036; Garth Caron, Vice President #30009; Karen Paull, Treasurer #30177; Jacqueline Moody, Secretary #30036; Dolly Ablitt, PSAC Regional Rep; Jenna Adams – National #30186; Cathy Martens – National #30186; Kevin King – Southern Alberta Geog. Rep; Cindy Wong – CEIU; Gina Albert – Regional Women’s Committee; Steve Pellerin-Fowlie – CIU #30036; Guest: Robyn Benson – REVP Prairies

Minutes from the February 9, 2011 Calgary Area Council meeting.

Calgary Area Council

Annual General Meeting – February 9, 2011    6:00 p.m.


 Alec Goertzen                           President  #30036

Garth Caron                              Vice President   #30009

Karen Paull                               Treasurer  #30177

Jacqueline Moody                      Secretary #30036

Dolly Ablitt                               PSAC Regional Rep

 Jenna Adams – National  #30186                               Cathy Martens – National  #30186

Kevin King – Southern Alberta Geog. Rep                 Cindy Wong – CEIU

Gina Albert – Regional Women’s Committee              Steve Pellerin-Fowlie – CIU #30036

 Guest:    Robyn Benson – REVP Prairies                               

 Brother Goertzen welcomed all the everyone present.  Meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm. 

 The first order of business was the acceptance of the presented Agenda.  

Motioned to be accepted:  Sister Martens            Seconded:  Sister Adams   


 Review of the previous minutes for December 9, 2010. 

Motioned to be accepted:  Brother Caron            Seconded:  Sister Martens


 Reports by Officers of the Council:

Brother Goertzen presented written report as President report for the last 6-7 months. He began with reiteration that he took over as President of the Calgary Area Council (May 2010), and though a short period of time had passed he had been kept busy.  Noted exceptions of a small typing error,  Brother Goertzen motioned for adoption of his report. 

Seconded by Brother Caron      CARRIED

 Brother Caron presented a verbal Vice President report, highlighting significant events being the Labour Day Bar-Be-Que, and the Rods & Rides.  Brother Caron noted that both events were well attended and he believed that they were excellent venues for visibility of the council.  Brother Caron motioned for his report to be adopted.

Seconded by:  Sister Moody   CARRIED

 Sister Moody presented a verbal Secretary’s report.  Her term as well was only for the last 6-7 months, there were four meetings, all have been published, and were posted on PSAC Prairies on-line to be viewed.  Sister Moody motioned for her report to be adopted.  Seconded by:  Brother Caron     CARRIED

 Sister Paull presented then Financial Statement for January 1, 2010  – Dec 31, 2010. Notables were: 

  • Income – some reimbursement from 2009 expenditures from Regional office
  • Expenses – not as much spent as anticipated
  • Balance – a YE balance of $2,319.31.

With some minor clarifications from the membership, Sister Paull motioned for the Financial Statement to be adopted.

Seconded by:  Sister Martens    CARRIED

 Sister Paull then presented the Calgary Area Councils 2011 Budget.  Brother Goertzen explained some of the expenses anticipated, particularly the 2011 Labour Day Bar-Be-Que partnering with Calgary District Labor Council,  a “Celebrate the Steward” event, the Seasonal Social, and  an anticipated Lunch and Learn with a guest speaker from Federal Superannuants National Assoc. for the membership.   Sister Benson gave comments on the overall feasibility of the budget, and that they she thought were excellent ideas.  Sister Benson mentioned that there could be some  SWAG items available from regional/national office for the “Celebrate Stewards Social” to consider.

With no further questions from floor, Sister Paull motioned for the 2011 Budget to be adopted.

Seconded by:  Sister Adams  CARRIED


Promotion of Area Council

Continuing with the Councils idea to have their own banner for events was finally abandoned.  The cost of having one produced would be costly, and knowing that there is an existing roll-up banner held in Regional Office to use, it was not advisable to pursue sourcing a banner locally.  It was suggested that the Councils funds could be better spent on other work/campaigns rather than in this pursuit.  However, it was recommended by Sister Benson that we contact Regional Office and talk to Brother Vallis, Political Communications Officer in Winnipeg to see if he could coordinate, price, source, and provide mock up artwork for such banners for the Council; further suggestions was to be generic with ‘PSAC Area Council” to consider others to use the banner. 


 Financial Audit of Council Statements

Coordination was needed for the cross-audit of CAC’s books by another of the committee’s; for 2009 a cross-audit was coordinated with Lethbridge Area Council.  Sister Benson clarfied the new rules governing the auditing of financial statement that allowed for different committees to audit each others financials.  With that information being added to the Councils general knowledge, with Sister Albert’s presence it was agreed that the Womens Committee  would cross-audit the Calgary Area Councils 2010 Financial Statements.  A letter of direction will be forthcoming from Regional Office noting new procedures about the books & records to be submitted for audit.



By-Laws and Resolutions – RESOLUTIONS:  There were seven resolutions that the Council were presenting at this meeting; each one recorded as motioned by Brother Caron, and seconded by Sister Paull.

There was much discussion and clarity given to these resolutions, and with some having rewording, they were each passed by consensus to go forward to Convention.  The Calgary Area Council would like to recognize Sister Benson, Brother Pellerin-Fowlie, and Brother King who have many many years of experience and knowledge to help with areas of wording and protocol, and hopefully have these resolutions presented.

 *Point of Order – Brother Caron requested change the Agenda to deal with the Elections before further business.  All were in agreement.

 Sister Benson handled the election process for the following positions: CAC – VP , and Treasurer; Area Council Rep to PRC for June 2011-2014; and CAC Delegate June Convention.  Results are as follows:

Vice President- Brother Caronn. Sister Paull s. Sister AdamsAccepted by Brother Caron –ACCLAIMED

Treasurer –  Sister Adams – n. Brother Goertzen  – s. Brother Caron– Accepted by Sister Adams ACCLAIMED

 PRC Rep -Brother Goertzen n. Sister Paull s. Brother Caron – Accepted  – ACCLAIMED

 AC Delegate

Sister Moody – n. Brother Goertzen s. Brother Caron(Accepted nomination)

Sister Wong  – n. Sister Albert s. Sister Adams (Accepted nomination)

Sister Moody was declared the Calgary Area Council Delegate.

Ballots motioned & seconded were destroyed.

 Order of Agenda resumed.

 By-Laws and Resolutions – BYLAWS:

The change in the Calgary Area Bylaw Sub-section 5 was presented; being a Bylaw change an accepted 2/3 vote was required.

Motioned to be accepted:  Brother Caron  Seconded:  Sister Paull    CARRIED unanimous

 A presentation and gifts was given to the outgoing Treasurer Sister Paull, who has cheerfully and dutifully helped the Council for 2 terms. A warm thanks for her work and contribution.

 The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.  Thanks again to all who attended, and the work acheived.

 Next meeting  May 2011 (date to be determined)