Calgary AC Mtg Minutes (Dec 13 2010)

Attendees: Alec Goertzen- President # 30036; Garth Caron – Vice President # 30009; Karen Paull – Treasurer # 30177; Dolly Ablitt – PSAC RO Staff

Minutes from the December 13, 2010 Calgary Area Council meeting.


                                 Calgary Area Council General Meeting

                                              December 13 th 2010


Alec Goertzen-  President # 30036

Garth Caron – Vice President # 30009

Karen Paull – Treasurer # 30177

Dolly Ablitt – PSAC RO Staff

Regrets: Jacqueline Moody Secretary #30036

The Meeting was called to order at 17:30 Hours.

Old Business:

Old minutes distributed from last meeting (September 14, 2010).

These were reviewed and changes made.

Brother Caron moved that minutes be adopted as changed; motion 2 nd by Sister


ByLaws of Calgary Area Council were tasked for review and update by Brother

King. These ByLaws were last amended on May 5 th 2010. He provided his input

and Sister Ablitt. The ByLaws were merged with copy of old one, and reviewed.

Noted changes were required: Table of Contents to be added, pages were to be

numbered, and current changes of draft ByLaws were to be superimposed into

the old copy; an example would be titles of Regional Women’s Committee would

be replaced by PSAC Committees. Other changes were noted.

Discussion followed and Sister Ablitt advised that she would reformat and spell

check the document. Final draft to be sent out to CAC members, as well as to

Regional office. Thanks for efforts of everyone to complete this review in such a

timely manner.

Promoting Area Council & Increasing involvement with Locals Brother

Caron provided copies of the mockups for the banners. Further discussion to look

into some free standing Wind Sock banners. Brother Caron will research this some

more and report at next meeting.

Financial Audit by LAC: It was noted from the audit that the reported errors in

Financial had actually occurred or related to records in 2008, and not to 2009.

Having found this anomaly, a clarifying email would be sent to Regional office.

New Business

Annual General Meeting decided to be held on the 9 th of February 2011. As

well the 27 th of January would be a working meeting in preparation for the AGM to

prepare and review resolutions, finalize yearend reports and complete the budget

for the year ending Dec 31, 2010. It was also discussed that any resolutions

would be forwarded to Dolly, and we would review submissions for submission to

Regional Office for deadline of February 23.

Prairie Region Convention 2011 discussion regarding accommodation of

members to attend, and how it would be beneficial to all to complete a map of

who is attending from which committee, and being able to plan to get as many

people to attend as we could.

Seasonal Festive Open House Brother Caron moved that CAD coordinate the

costs for the food for this years social event up to the budgeted amounts by

Committees ($300), and recovery will be made from them accordingly, with an

amount of 100.00 from each. Motion was seconded by Sister Paull.

Calgary Event on Pension Forum (hosted by CURC): Brother Goertzen

provided information about event taking place on Dec 16 at CDLC office, to discuss

Pension Reform. This was late scheduling but due to Finance Ministers meeting in

Kananaskis on Dec 20, it was important to have discussion. Forum reps are from

CLC, AFL, and Presient of CURC.

Brother Caron moved that we stand to reimburse Brother Goertzen ½ day wages

to attend and represent CAC, if Union time from workplance could not be

approved. Request would be considered to go forward to Prairie Regional at a

later date for recovery to CAC. Motion was seconded by Sister Paull.

Food Costs Brother Garth moved that food costs for tonight meeting to reimburse

Brother Goertzen. Motion seconded by Sister Paull.

There being no further business, Brother Caron moved the meeting be adjourned

at 6:50 p.m. Unanimously carried.

Next meeting will be AGM on February 9, 2011

*working meeting January 27 of CAC executive.