Calgary AC Mtg Minutes (Aug 17 2009)

In attendance: Danial Curotte, President; Karen Paull, Treasurer; David Fandrich, Secretary; Wally Fandrich, Member at Large – UTE; Garth Caron , Member at Large – USGE

CalgaryArea Council Meeting                                                                August 17, 2009


Quorum attained in accordance with Calgary Area Council Bylaws


In attendance:

Danial Curotte,  President                                      

Karen Paull, Treasurer

David Fandrich, Secretary                                     

Wally Fandrich, Member at Large – UTE

Garth Caron , Member at Large – USGE                                     


Technical Advisors:

Dolly Abbot,  Calgary Regional Office Representative



  • Welcome
  • Confirmation of Agenda
  • Minutes Deferred
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • VP elections
  • Labour Day  BarBQ
  • Globalfest
  • United Way
  • Next Meeting 

 Welcome:    Danial Curotte welcomed everyone, there was a round of introductions and the meeting was called to order.

 Confirmation of the Agenda:   The agenda was accepted without revision

 Minutes Deferred:   Motion to Defer the minutes from the meeting of July 30th, 2009






  • Moved by Wally








  • Seconded by Garth








  • Passed





     Treasurer’s Report:   Karen gave an update on the Area Council’s Bank account






  • Motion to reimburse   Dolly for the cost of the meal









  • Moved by Karen









  • Seconded by Wally









  • Passed





    Election for VP of the CalgaryArea Council:  Dolly assumed the Chair to conduct the election for the position of Vice-President of the Calgary Area Counsel


    • Garth Caron was nominated by Karen and seconded by Danial
    • No further nominations were received
    • Garth Caron elected by acclamation


    Labour Day BarBQ: Discussion and update regarding the Inaugural Labour Day BBQ being put on by Calgary District Labour Council


    • Dolly updated the Council with the preparations for the BBQ
    • Area Council’s involvement would be with providing condiments and think public cake as well as manning a Think Public booth
    • Money has been provided by the Prairie Regional office from the Think Public Campaign to help fund the BBQ
    • UTE Local 30024 donated to the BBQ
    • Dolly went over a rough budget
    • It was decided that another meeting of the council would be set up to further discuss this matter
    • Motion to have shirts created for the Calgary Area Counsel that could be worn by volunteers to make them standout (up to $500) Shirts would read “PSAC Volunteers in the Community”
    • Moved by Wally
    • Seconded by Karen


    Globalfest:  Danial thanked Brother Wally for his efforts to have union members attend the Globalfest Human Rights Equity forums


    United Way Campaign:  Danial reminded the Council of the upcoming United Waycampaign that is run by the government, he wanted to know if there was a way we could make a point that it is the employees and not the employer that contributes and makes the campaign a success


    • It was decided that the Council would have buttons made that members could wear saying “The United Way is Employee Driven” with the PSAC logo in the background
    • Dolly would get back to the Council on pricing and a mock design


    Oath of Office: Garth Caron was sworn in as the new Vice-President of the Calgary Area Council


    Motion to Adjourn: Moved by David Fandrich, seconded by Karen Paull, Motion Carried