Calgary AC Mtg Minutes – Apr 21 2015 – Draft

Attendees: Alec Goertzen – President (CIU #30036); Dale Marianicz – Vice President (AGR #30046); Phillip Chan – Treasurer (UNE SSO #30040); Janet Parris – Secretary (UTE #30024); Deb Kosteniuk – UTE 30024; Raj Hari – PSAC RO

Alec Goertzen – President (CIU #30036)
Dale Marianicz – Vice President (AGR #30046)
Phillip Chan – Treasurer (UNE SSO #30040)
Janet Parris – Secretary (UTE #30024)
Deb Kosteniuk – UTE 30024
Raj Hari – PSAC RO

The meeting started promptly at 5:40 pm.

Br. Goertzen presented the Agenda for review and adoption. M/S/C Parris/Kosteniuk

Br. Goertzen presented the February 18, 2015 minutes for review & adoption. Amendments were noted for correction. M/S/C: Goertzen/Marianicz.
Presidents Report:
Br. Goertzen presented a verbal report of his activities since the last meeting – PRC meeting attendance, Mobilization Committee was struck, attended Public Interest Alberta meeting in Edmonton, Financials and Regional Action Plan had been submitted within deadlines. A hard copy is available. M/S/C: Goertzen/Kosteniuk.

PRC Calgary Area Council Representative Report:
Br. Goertzen presented his verbal report on his activities as Prairie Regional Council Representative Report. PRC had an unusually high surplus of $262K at the end of the 2012-2014 budget cycle. Some of these monies have been approved to use on a formal financial audit, as well as the purchase of display units for purchase (as per Communications Committee) for each of the offices (8). PRC conference calls will not be happening as there is a focus to get members to sign up and participate in the monthly webinars with the REVP. As well Br. Aylward and K. King were invited by REVP to come and make a  presentation from the Finance Committee for PSAC National convention.

Treasurer Update:
Br. Chan presented a verbal report on the current financial situation of Area Council. An unexpected expense of $300 registration fee for PSAC National had to been paid for AC delegate. Discussion about banking fees as BMO is looking at increasing their charges. A further discussion on viability of dealing a low service fee bank . 

Old Business: 
One additional summer festival – HRC is considering hosting a booth at Festival Latino being held in July.  
Veterans Street Voice was followed up by Br. Chan and he has been unable to locate any information (even from Calgary Poppy Fund). Item is closed.

New Business:
Day of Mourning:
April 28th there will be a wreath laying ceremony and memorial service. Arrangements to be made for the event and the purchase of the wreath to attend and present by either Br. Chan or Br. Marianicz. Discussion also took place on the future purchase of an alternative (artificial wreath/renting a wreath) as the City has threatened to fine those who leave their wreaths and not disposing at end of ceremony from City land. Should there be too much of a schedule conflict for anyone to attend this year, the funds will be considered for an artificial wreath to use next year and following years.

AFL Kids Camp:
Call letter is out and deadline for subsidy through PRC is May 15th, but registration for the camp does not close until June 15th.

Moblization Committee:
Br. Goertzen discussed the events on March 19th which were held at two locations and further events to take place on the 19th every month. Discussion also took place around the meetings of the mobilization committee. After the March 19th event, the airport members have created a reward card for those attending union and co-sponsored events. Upon completion of the card, a prize will be given.  Br. Goertzen will contact the organizers for further details, and possibly Area Council can do something similar for other members working outside of the airport attending and volunteering at events?

Alberta Provincial Election:
Extensive discussion took place over the election taking place on May 5th and the distribution of mail outs to 2,000 members living in targeted ridings in Southern Alberta. REVP’s office has approved funding from the Regional Action Plan monies. If printing of this letter can be done in the Winnipeg office, they will do the mail out. If not, this will be done in Calgary and envelope stuffers will be required. Sis. Kosteniuk volunteered time to assist on April 24th with many thanks from Area Council.

NPSW – Third week of June (14th to 20th):
The National President is again requesting members do not participate at employer/workplace sponsored events. It had been suggested a membership barbeque be held on June 14th. Br. Chan reported City parks as an option and only charge if caterers are brought to site at a fee of $55 as well as a $28 non refundable permit charge. A permit will take up to 8 weeks to process. After discussion it was decided to use BBQ catering at approx. cost $900 to $1,000 for 75-100 people. Cost would be split by the three committees, however should there be any delay in allocation from REVP’s office we may not be able to get this done. It is suggested to look into the Deerfoot Park location by the Zoo as there is plenty of parking and access available for members.

A planning meeting is to be held on May 7. There will be discussions on the Human Rights Forum with one of our members on the panel and sponsored by PSAC. Area Council will have its own tent this year. PIPS are taking an interest in possibly participating with Area Council. Area Council will look at arranging setup the same as last year – i.e. tickets, games… There will be a daily limit on giveaways.

Labour Day Barbecue:
Area Council discussed the plans to participate in the annual event at Olympic Plaza. We will do much the same as in past years. Discussed swag/giveaways that have been budgeted and submitted through to the Regional Action Plan for funding as directed by the REVP; things such as lollipops, grocery bags (with healthy workplace logo), door hangers. There will be a prize wheel again. The Women’s Committee will be donating prizes also.  
Round Table:
No further items raised for discussion.

Meeting adjourned at 19:40 hours.

Next meeting TBA and will be posted to the website.