Calgary AC Minutes (Sept 2011)

RO Contact:    Dolly Ablitt  

PSAC Calgary Area Council Minutes – September 14, 2011


Alec Goertzen                         President #30036                  

Garth Caron                           Vice President #30009

Jacqueline Moody                  Secretary #30036

Jenna Adams                          Treasurer – #30186

Kevin King                              PRC Rep Geographical Rep. Southern Alberta

Dolly Ablitt                             PSAC – Southern Alta Regional Rep

The meeting started promptly at 5:30 pm.

Brother Goertzen requested that the previous minutes for the May 31, 2011be reviewed.  Brother Goertzen stated he thought that financial items for food for the Area Council Meeting needed to be approved in the minutes.  Sister Ablitt stated that these types of items did not individually have to be approved.   

Adoption of  Minutes from May 31,2011

Motion to be accepted:  Sister Moody             Seconded:  Brother Caron                           CARRIED

 Brother Goertzen requested that the Treasurer Report be deferred until the arrival of Sister Adams.  This necessitated a change in the Agenda for the meeting, attendees to this Council Meeting agreed. 

OLD Business

Labour Day BBQ

Brother Goertzen gave a report on the third year Calgary Area Council participated in the Calgary District Labour Council event.  We stayed within our proposed budget for the event, however some follow-up will be required with HRC & RWC for their committed financial contribution as they each budgeted for.  There were about 10 volunteers through out the day, and out booth was once again very busy.  Some of our activities and handouts included:

– gathering support and signatures for the petition to Tony Clement, regarding Cuts to Public Services

– handout of “STOP HARPER” cookies and cake were particularly popular, in support of Cuts to Public Services

– gathering signatures cards for the Parks Agency campaign, and handing out of First Aid Kits,

–  with awareness for “Think Public” there were frisbees, mugs, fans, bandanas, as well as RCMP Kids ID kits

– Brother Caron produced an informative & great display on our 2011 campaign regarding “Bullying” 

Celebrate Stewards Day

The event was held as planned on July 24, had approximately 12 stewards and their family attend.  It was considered very successful with Sister Robyn Benson attending to encourage & support our Stewards. 

Stewards are reminded to register/advise/signup with the PSAC office, or through PSAC website at:  Brother Goertzen gave a special thanks to ALL volunteers who helped make this day a success. 

Bullying In the Work Place Campaign

More work still needs to be done on the final package for this Campaign.  Brother Caron will arrange date/ideas together with Sister Moody & Sister Ablitt.  Brother Goertzen stated that this needs to be finalized, and our objective of how we want this message to be delivered.

Financial Report

Sister Adams presented the Financial Report: 

Opening Bank Balance                                  $5,036.38

Interest                                                         $          .04

Cheques                                                        ($306.60)

Closing Balance                                           $4,729.82

The change in acceptable signatures has been completed with the bank.  The former Treasurer has been removed and Sister Adams, has been added along with Brother Caron with the Bank of Montreal.  Sister Adams reported on the Calgary Area Council cross audit with the Women’s Committee went well and no problems where noted, and the report has been faxed to Regional office.

 Motion to accepted report:  Sister Adams       Seconded:  Brother Caron                           CARRIED

 Brother Goertzen presented receipts for payment from the Labour Day BBQ in the amount of $1,122.18,

Motion to pay expenses:  Brother Caron        Seconded:  Sister Adams                              CARRIED

 NEW Business

 Prairie Regional Council

Brother Goertzen provided update from the Aug 28/29 meeting.  As a result of PSAC Regional Convention elections, approx. half of the members are newly elected and a good group with much work ahead. 

It was raised that the Alberta Federation Kids Camp has some problems with registration this year, and so a working committee will be organized to action future requests.  These camps are very good and members should not miss out on them.

There is a new website for the Prairie Regional Council,  it is very clear & organized but noticeable change is the removal of old logo (Grain Elevator) and more streamlined with the PSAC branding.

The PSAC is launching support to a new campaign concerning the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).  Literature and information will be coming to Regional offices and distributed to locals.  The campaign involves informing CFIB members about incorrect information their president Catherine Swift is stating in the media about PSAC members.

Banners, again many tries on this subject, but apparently some committee have gotten banners with little or no effort out of Robyn’s office, and we are still struggling.  Dolly showed us some really nice “Prairie” banners that could be adapted for our use.  It was noted that we should not have to look for Portable Displays at Garage Sales.

Brother King noted that the Alberta Labour History Institute, working with the AFL, is celebrating its 100 years in 2012.  Brother King wanted to know if the Council was intending to join in the celebration in Edmontonnext June, and advised that perhaps funding for this should be looked into.  Brother Goertzen will give consideration to this proposal for next fiscal years budget. 

Leadership Meeting

As part of the Prairies on Patrol initiative, on October 12, 2011 there will be a Leadership meeting inviting all Southern Alberta local REVP’s/Executive reps to come together to prepare & plan for our area’s fight back to the Government announcement of cuts to public services.  This one day meeting will discuss topics/compaigns such as Workforce Adjustment, Cuts to Public Services, lobbying, and mobilizing members.  There was a somewhat lengthy discussion on how best to get our message out, with the various different media.  We have to utilize all of the newer social media.

 Seasonal Social

Our next meeting will likely not be until next quarter, so plans for the AC Seasonal Social must begin.  A target date was decided to be either Dec 1 or 8, depending on availability of RO staff and boardroom.  Sister Ablitt will confirm availability and advise on date.

*date was later confirmed to be December 8*


Under the requirements of the Bylaws, the AC requires an alternate PRC rep to be elected, as well as for PRC Triennial Convention delegate (2012 Convention on April 29 – May 3 2012).  Sister Ablitt ran the election process and the results were as follows.

 Alternate PRC Rep. for CAC elected:                        Sister Jenna Adams

 PSAC Triennial Convention elected delegate:

  1. Brother Alec Goertzen, delegate

  2. Brother Garth Caron, 1st Alternate

  3. Sister Jenna Adams, 2nd Alternate

 Brother King motioned that ballots should be destroyed     Seconded: Brother Goertzen             CARRIED

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:30.