Calgary AC Meeting (Nov 2011)

Minutes (Nov. 16/11)

Calgary Area Council

General Meeting – November 16, 2011@ 5:45 p.m.


Calgary Area Council Members:

Alec Goertzen, President #30036

Garth Caron, Vice President #30009

Jacqueline Moody, Secretary #30036


Dolly Ablitt, PSAC Regional Rep

Jenna Adams, Treasurer – #30186


Cathy Martens #30186

RoseAnn Gherasim #38856

The meeting called to order at 5:45pm. 

Brother Goertzen requested that the previous minutes for the September 14, 2011 be reviewed. 

Moved adoption Brother Caron, Second Sister Martens seconded – Carried

Financial Report – Sister Jenna Adams sent regrets.  Verbal report provided by Brother Goertzen.  As of Oct.31, the CAC has a balance of approximately $4,700.00, with expected expenses from Convention of


Moved adoption: Brother Goertzen, Seconded Brother Caron – Carried

OLD Business

Bullying In the Work Place Campaign

The booklets for the Bullying in the Workplace Campaign still require a little more work. Brother Caron stated that he hoped to have copy of the finished product to Sister Ablitt and Brother Goertzen very shortly.     On a similar note Brother Caron also stated that the RCMP did acknowledge that in fact “Bullying” was Harassment, this acknowledge is very good for members who infact are subject to Bullying in the Workplace. 

Leadership Meet & Greet

This 1-day session was held October 12th for the Calgary area.  It is noted that the minutes to this meeting were recently completed by the PSAC Calgary Reg. Rep.  The salient points discussed were the Public Service Cuts, and the Petition to Ottawaon the same vein.

Some of the items that the Council should possibly consider actionning are:

Public Service – Who are we? Some of the suggestions were:

  • Visibility at the Calgary Stampede, handing out packages etc.   Sister Martens provided the Council her research into application process and participating.  Consideration will be given to cost, what sort of presence/image to display, float, etc.  Decisions will need to be made for February AGM and 2012 budget.

  • Hot Chocolate handout and Pancake Breakfast – with was idea raised to bring awareness to the general public about the cuts to Public Services, and to coincide the event with the Federal budget announcements in Feb/2012.  Ideas and thoughts were discussed, but consensus was to proceed with give-away of hot chocolate at Transit stations/shopping malls/Govt buildings and the like, with awareness information about the proposed Public Service cuts and what the could mean.

Lastly, Brother Goertzen requested reimbursement for $108.80 for the costs of refreshments for the Leadership “Meet & Greet”.

Motion to accept: Sister Moody, Seconded by Sister Gherasim – Carried

Seasonal Social

Arranged to be held December 8, 2011, from 3:00 pmto 8:00pm

It was decided not to be a Pot-Luck but rather appetizers and sweets, from budgeted amounts by the local Committee’s. There will be requests for cash donations to the Calgary Food Bank, with the Area Council matching donations up to $250.00.  Invitational email to all Calgaryareas Locals & RVP to attend will be out soon. 

NEW Business

PRC – Will be meeting in SaskatoonNovember 18/19. Some Agenda will include discussion of the Members Plan, and follow-up action from Leadership meetings across Prairies, among other submitted items. 

Having no further items raised to discuss, meeting was adjourned at 6:45pm 

Next meeting will be the AGM scheduled for February 2012 (dated to be confirmed thru Regional office, and announced)