Blog #1: Prepare for take off

The travel diaries from PSAC Prairies member, and young activist, Rachel Albiez, chronicling her participation in the Young Workers’ Delegation to El Salvador and Honduras.

Hi everybody!
My name’s Rachel Albiez, and I’m lucky enough to have been chosen to represent the PSAC Prairie Region in the Young Workers’ Delegation to El Salvador and Honduras, sponsored by the PSAC Social Justice Fund.
So what am I going to be doing? I will be traveling to Honduras and El Salvador with a group organized by CoDevelopment Canada. We will be visiting various partner organizations such as a Honduran women’s collective, human rights groups, and groups supporting the rights of maquila (basically sweatshop) workers.
The purpose of this trip is to provide an educational journey that will deepen our understanding of the challenges faced by Latin Americans and strengthen our commitment to engaging in solidarity here at home.
I’m leaving Nov. 29 and returning to Canada on Dec. 10. I’ve been told that I will (hopefully) have consistent Internet access, so Iā€™m planning on sending regular updates and sharing my experiences through this blog. I’m also looking forward to some warm weather, as it has been pretty chilly here in Southern Alberta lately! 
Here’s a map to show you how far I will be travelling, from Lethbridge, Alberta to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. According to Google, it would take 48 days to walk this distance ā€“ā€“ it’s a good thing we’re flying!
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