Ben Lemon PRC Report (Nov. 2016)

Report of the Edmonton Area Council Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the November 2016 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Ben Lemon
Edmonton Area Council Rep
Prairie Region Council November 2016

PRC Report for Edmonton Area Council Feb – Oct, 2016

March 9         EAC Meeting at PSAC Office.  Mostly this was a budget figures meeting & getting everything on the budget forms.  We are thinking ahead of projects that the EAC would work on.

March 10       Between the treasurer & myself got our 2016 budget together & sent in to PRC Finance Committee.

April 12          Getting agenda ready for April but I had to cancel the meeting at the last minute due to being on the road for my real job.

May 11           EAC Meeting at PSAC office.  We started talking in earnest about what we wanted to accomplish with the Solidarity Brunch concept.  Obviously we wanted to get as many local presidents from Edmonton to attend.

June 15         EAC Meeting at PSAC office.  More planning of Solidarity Brunch & coming up with a budget for the proposal to REVP for funding.  We also picked our date for the brunch with an alternate date.

July 8             Setting up of EAC meeting for August with PSAC office staff.

July 12           EAC Meeting at PSAC office.  We put the finishing touches on our Business Proposal for the Solidarity Brunch so we can send it in shortly.

July 13           I reworded the proposal for the Solidarity Brunch one last time & sent it to the REVP’s office.

August 8        Resent Solidarity Brunch proposal to REVP.  Apparently it did not go on July 13th.  Marianne approved it that same day.

August 23      EAC Meeting at PSAC office.  We discussed the venue for the Solidarity Brunch, since we now have funding we confirmed & booked the Bistro for Oct 1st.  We also picked our night in Nov. for our CLIFF night (Nov 17th).  I also did minutes from tonight’s EAC meeting at home.

August 24      I attended committee training at PSAC office.  Members of the EAC, Reginal Women’s Committee and Edmonton Human Rights committee executive were in attendance.  I also sent in the minutes from last night’s EAC meeting.

September 20 EAC Meeting at PSAC office.  Final plans for the world cafe& logistics for Solidarity Brunch mostly.

October 1      Solidarity Brunch Day, it’s pouring rain & we remain hopeful that our confirmed attendees will show up as we as our guests.  19 local President’s attend!  Marianne is quoted as saying “I don’t think we’ve ever had 19 local presidents in one room together”.

October 18    Next EAC meeting planned.  On the agenda, a debrief of the Brunch, & details for the CLIFF night will be worked out.

Respectfully submitted by Ben Lemon, PRC representative for the Edmonton Area Council