Ben Lemon PRC Report (Feb. 2016)

Report of the Edmonton Area Council Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the February 2016 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Ben Lemon
Edmonton Area Council Rep
Prairie Region Council February 2016

Nov 20                       Flew to Winnipeg for Regional H&S Conference setup

Nov 21                       Attended 1st Day Regional H&S Conference

Nov 22                       Attended 2nd day of Regional H&S Conference then flew back to Edmonton

Nov 26                       Attended H&S committee meeting at PSAC Office in Edmonton

Nov 27                       Attended PRC meeting Day 1 at Chateau Lacombe in Edmonton

Nov 28                       Attended PRC meeting Day 2 at Chateau Lacombe in Edmonton

Nov 29                       Attended final half day of PRC meeting at Chateau Lacombe in Edmonton

Dec 01                       Decided that there would be no EAC meeting in December & that we would have the EAC AGM in January

Dec 07                       Sent January 20th Agenda to PSAC Office who sent it out to the executive for additions

Jan 06                        I asked PSAC office send out Jan 20th EAC agenda with instructions to think about what projects we want to do as a council in 2016           

Jan 20                        Chaired EAC AGM, elections brought the same executive to the same positions, the president position is still vacant & our projects are decided for 2016.

Feb 17                       Proposed next EAC meeting date, we have a 2016 budget now, we’ll have to get the auditors engaged.  Then we can put all of the documents & send it in before the deadline.

Respectfully submitted,

Ben Lemon