August 8 Update: Supporting Striking Winnipeg Airport Workers

August 8 marks the end of two weeks on the picket line for PSAC/UCTE members employed by the Winnipeg Airport Authority.  

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Today marks the end of two weeks on the picket line for our members employed by the Winnipeg Airport Authority.  As you may have heard, WAA was granted an injunction last week which limits the number of picketers per area and restricts picketing into designated areas.  Unfortunately while our right to picket is protected as a constitutional right, the Judge bought the employer’s argument of safety because “bad people do bad things”.

The members are committed as ever to stand up to the employer who is actively working to contract out their jobs.  To those of you who have been out to walk the line and attended the solidarity rally on week 1, THANK YOU!!  It means so much to the members to know there is support.

The CLC has issued direction to avoid the Winnipeg airport for arrivals, departures and transfers and ask that labour respects the picket line and does not use the Winnipeg airport until this strike is over.  Sometimes Solidarity is neither cheap nor convenient and we recognize that but this is a legal strike to fight back against an employer that neither respects or values the services these members provide.

If you are going out to the picket line, please stop by the Strike HQ at the Victoria Inn to see where the lines are.  We will be moving things around so if you are out there and don’t see any members or have any questions, stop by Strike HQ.  Unfortunately we are required to ensure that anyone joining us on the picket line is aware of the injunction restrictions so if you‘re heading out, please make sure you identify yourself to a Picket Captain upon your arrival.

How Can You Help?

CEO Barry Rempel has been out in the media talking about how respectful the picket lines are and how valued the employees are but his legal counsel and negotiators don’t seem to have gotten the same message.

Please send letters or emails to:

Barry Rempel, President and CEO,

Vince Dancho, Vice President, Operations,

Mayor Brian Bowman,

Frances Smee , RM of Rosser Reeve,

For Barry Rempel and Vince Dancho, urge them to return to the bargaining table with a mandate to negotiate a fair agreement for both sides. 

For Mayor Bowman and Reeve Smee, urge them to contact Barry Rempel to get them back to the table.  This strike is stopping people from coming to Winnipeg and if they want this over, they should encourage WAA to get back to the table with a mandate.

You can also follow the PSAC/UCTE local 50600 on twitter @ywglocal50600

Your assistance and support  and SOLIDARITY is greatly appreciated.  This battle on contracting out has been in the background for a while and with your support, the members will come out of this with a collective agreement that closes the door on contracting out.