Anna Goldfeld Bio

Anna has been a union activist since 2002 when she became a shop steward and completed her first grievance handling course.  She subsequently held several other local officer positions including Health & Safety,  Vice President, President for 2 terms and Chief Steward for 3 terms.  

Anna has attended many Psac training courses including TUBS, grievance handling, mini school for union stewards, advance duty to accommodate, convention preparation, collective bargaining for separate employers.  She has also attended several conferences and conventions such as Health & Safety, Women’s conferences and Human Rights. 

Anna was elected to the national bargaining team representing Statistical Survey Operations regional office interviewers in 2008. She was then re-elected to the bargaining team in 2016 for the next round of bargaining (still ongoing waiting for Arbitration). 

Anna has always promoted unity and solidarity within her local.  She has participated in countless solidarity demonstrations and has never lost her passion and commitment to union principles. 

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