Alicia Zurba Bio

Alicia was elected to her first term as the North-West Manitoba Geographical Representative on the Prairie Region Council at the recent 2023 PSAC Prairie Region Triennial Convention.

She currently works as a Program Services Officer in the Integrity Services Branch. She is new to the PSAC and her employer but is enthusiastic about becoming more involved.

Alicia credits an email invitation to the Westman Area Council for starting her journey with PSAC. In 2021, she became involved in her CEIU Local 50754, including stepping up to complete the term of Vice-President. She was recently re-elected as her Local Vice-President and is the new co-chair of the Westman Regional Women’s Committee. She also took on a leadership role during the recent strike by serving as a PSAC strike captain.

She is excited to serve the members in PSAC and looks forward to working with her fellow Prairie Region Council members.

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