Alec Goertzen Report November 2019

Alec Goertzen

Calgary Area Council Rep

Prairie Region Council November 2019


During this reporting period, I made myself available for actions to support the membership and the PRC in the following ways:


May 25 – participated in Winnipeg parade recognizing the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike

August 26 – participated in REVP call with Area Councils regarding readiness, changes to the Elections Act for awareness in any plans/actions for areas, for the upcoming Federal Election

Sept 2 – attended AC booth at Labor Day BBQ

Sept 12 – attended Area Council meeting

Sept 18 – participated in REVP call with Area Councils Federal Election plans/update and budget submissions, readiness for any events in target riding

Sept 19 – Participated in PRC call

Oct 17 – REVP telephone townhall on the Federal Election


Thank you for your support.

Alec Goertzen,
Calgary Area Council Rep to PRC