Alec Goertzen PRC Report (June 2014)

Report of the Calgary Area Council Representative to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the June 2014 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Alec Goertzen
Calgary Area Council Representative

It has been my pleasure to represent PSAC members in the Prairie Region over the past 3-year term. I am very proud of my commitment to the Prairie Region Council (PRC) serving the members with dedication and most importantly with respect and dignity.

In general, I continued my participation by:

  • Submitting written reports to each Prairie Region Council meeting as required by the PRC Bylaws
  • Attended scheduled PRC meetings, and most teleconference evening calls, to represent and support Calgary area members
  • Participated in the H&S Committee of the PRC, which included organizing a Regional H&S conference on November 17-18/2012 in Edmonton; theme of the conference was Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Attended Calgary District Labor Council meetings & events to support the Labor Day BBQ, Federal Budget Watch, and Day of Mourning.
  • Participated in plans with other PRC reps to organize a response to our members & community affected by the Alberta Flood of 2013
  • Participated in organizing the event ‘Crash the Party’, where members gathered outside of the Conservative Convention in Calgary to protest and show solidarity ‘we are all affected’ with the continued cuts to public services & offices
  • Partnered with District Labor Council to send e-flyers to all Calgary area members for the
  • Calgary Municipal election to support labor friendly candidates in each of the ridings
  • Participated in boycotting Public Service Week events, which included sending PM Harper a pink slip to a morning greeting with leaflet telling members why they should boycott PSWeek. It still baffles me beyond my comprehension how the government promotes their commitment to public services & workers, while at the same time hand out a surplus letter and slice of cake to wash it all down.

This is certainly is not an exhaustive listing of my work with the PRC, but are significant highlights worth noting. Overall serving this past term on PRC has been busy but not as satisfying as previous term as I would have hoped. The leadership of the PRC continued with delays in financial reporting, unrealistic delays with committee funding, dual-mined on certain issues that delayed decision making, and had record number of resignations by reps. All this aside, I do look forward to a new makeup of the PRC and its leadership knowing together we are stronger to the challenges before us and the work YOU need actioned.

I strongly believe in our members and our challenge ahead is never over, but needs action! I thank the members for giving me the opportunity once again to represent them on the PRC.

Respectfully submitted,

Alec Goertzen
Calgary Area Council Rep
PRC Member