Alec Goertzen PRC Report (Jan. 2014)

Report of the Calgary Area Council Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the January 2014 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Alec Goertzen
Calgary Area Council Rep
Prairie Region Council January 2014

Brothers and Sisters of the PRC, this reporting is for the period: Oct – Dec 2013

Regional Committees –
Health & Safety:Not much activity has occurred with the departure of PSAC H&S Rep in June, and a competitive process for the placement of a new rep.  This only occurred in November with Br. Wirth taking the reins.

Other activities –
Conservative Convention – I’m glad to say with planning and what-not of everyone involved for this rally, it REALLY did come together and was said to be huge success in eyes of many of those attending; our affiliates, AEC members, NBOD members, Locals, etc. 

Bill C4 – this omnibus Bill was moving along quite fast and attempts were being made to inform members of what changes were coming, and to have members talk with their MPs of what this Bill would do the workforce.  Educations sessions were planned in the Calgary area for members but regrettably did not happen.

Oct 3 – Calgary Area Council Meeting
Oct 18/19 – PRC Meeting Winnipeg
Nov 26 – Calgary Area Council Meeting

Respectively submitted,

Br. Alec Goertzen