Alberta Election

Important information for Alberta members in regards to the upcoming Alberta Election.

Alberta Election: PSAC endorses Next Alberta Campaign

There is a lot at stake in the the upcoming Alberta election. Albertans will need to decide between a future of tax cuts for the wealthiest with massive cuts to public services like health care and education, or to stand up for investments that make a real difference to families: high quality child care, modern infrastructure like public transportation and public, universal health care for all Albertans.

As a rule, PSAC does not endorse political parties for election. But we would ask our members to keep in mind the values that matter to us as a union: strong support for public services, respect for the rights of workers and support for the human rights of everyone in our communities.

That is why we have endorsed the “Next Alberta” campaign promoted by Alberta’s unions.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada – Prairie Region is proud to endorse the Alberta Federation of Labour’s “Next Alberta” campaign. Next Alberta is a campaign by and for Alberta’s workers – the people who build the province and keep it moving forward.

To learn more, please visit PSAC’s link to the Next Alberta site: