8 dogs that could teach you a thing or two about activism

Just when you think you’re on your A-Game as a union activist, these dogs show up to show you the real meaning of activism. Take notes.

These dogs who support their bargaining team.

     (PSAC Prairies)


This pup who loves the taste of political action.

    (PSAC Prairies)


This doggie who rallies rain, shine, or snowstorm.

    (PSAC Prairies)


This proud pooch who stands for equal rights.

    (PSAC Ontario)


This dog who knows the value of public services.

    (PSAC BC)


This furry friend who celebrates diversity.

    (PSAC Atlantic)


This hound who is definitely not Harper’s best friend.

    (PSAC Prairies)


This canine who won’t be voting Conservative in 2015.

    (PSAC Prairies)


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