2016 Saskatchewan Young Workers’ Conference

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) Young Workers’ Conference is an opportunity for young trade unionists from across the province to come together to learn about issues affecting workers, develop new skills, and strategize about how to make our unions and labour movement even stronger. 


The conference will run over two days in Saskatoon and feature an impressive list of issue sessions, skills workshops, and guest speakers. Stay in touch for updates on conference content and speakers by visiting the “conferences” section of www.sfl.sk.ca as well as at www.facebook.com/SKFedofLabour. 

Important to note: the SFL’s annual Youth Action Summit has been incorporated into the Young Workers’ Conference. The first day of the conference will be open to registered young workers sent by unions only, and the second day of the conference will be the Youth Action Summit – open to any young person to attend. Therefore if a young worker is registered for the Young Workers’ Conference they are automatically registered for the Youth Action Summit. 


A PSAC young worker is defined as 35 years and under. If you are a PSAC young worker in good standing, you are eligible to attend.


The PSAC Prairie Region will cover all costs for members selected to attend on behalf of the prairie region. Please note that members funded to attend are required to submit a written report with their expense claim.


If attendees are travelling from outside of the city, the PSAC will cover your accommodations and mileage. The PSAC will reimburse at-home childcare expenses in accordance with the PSAC Family Care Policy. For those with no other option, the SFL will provide childcare for conference attendees.