2016 PSAC scholarship now open for applications

The program consists of 14 scholarships for dependant children of PSAC members and 3 scholarships for PSAC members who will be attending university, college or a recognized institute of higher learning on a full-time basis.

The scholarships are awarded based on the merit of the 800-word essay, video, infographic or song according to the topic determined for the given year.

PSAC offers the following scholarships:

  • one (1) $4,000 PSAC-AGR National Scholarship;

  • one (1) $4,000 PSAC-Coughlin National Scholarship;

  • two (2) $3,000 PSAC-AGR National Scholarships;

  • two (2) $3,000 PSAC-Coughlin National Scholarships;

  • one (1) $2,000 J.R. (Joe) Power National Scholarship;

  • seven (7) $1,000 Regional Scholarships — one for each of the seven regions (Atlantic, Quebec, National Capital Region, Ontario, Prairies, British Columbia, and the North).

  • three (3) $2,000 National Member Scholarships (for PSAC members only);

Applicant requirements

Scholarship applicants must be a PSAC member or a dependent child of a PSAC member in good standing as of March 31st of the current year.

Application dealine is June 24, 2016

Please note:

  • Scholarships are not restricted to first-year students;
  • No applicant will be awarded a scholarship more than once;
  • PSAC reserves the right to withhold a scholarship in the event no applicant is deemed to meet qualification criteria, or for other valid reasons;
  • In the absence of applications from a particular region or if no applicants from a region are deemed to meet application criteria, the scholarship committee may award a regional scholarship to an applicant living outside that region;
  • All submissions become the property of PSAC.

Application Requirements

  • Completed application form — all sections of the application must be completed. If you do not know your PSAC ID#, Component or Local #, please contact your regional office. Application form HERE;


  • Option 1: An 800-word essay on the topic chosen by the PSAC for the current year. Your essay submission must be in Word or PDF format. Please ensure your full name and page numbers are annotated on every page as a header and footer.


  • Option 2: A YouTube video, infographic, essay (max 800 words) or song on the topic chosen by the PSAC for the current year. Songs must be submitted on a CD labelled with your name and PSAC ID number and you must send 3 copies of the labelled CD via mail.

PSAC 2016 Scholarships essay question

The PSAC is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.  In the past 50 years, PSAC has fought for and achieved many gains for its members including safer working conditions, better wages, equal pay for work of equal value, benefit coverage for same-sex partners, and rights for disabled workers.  The priorities of the PSAC tend to shift according to the priority concerns of the membership, and according to changes in the workplace and the labour force.  In your view, what new ground should PSAC be trying to break in order to remain relevant over the next ten years?

Support your point of view by identifying and expanding on the political, economic and social importance of your suggestion.

Applicants may apply on-line or request a hard copy application via email.

Hard copy applications should be mailed to:

Public Service Alliance of Canada
Attn: Scholarship Committee
233 Gilmour Street, 9th floor
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0P1

NOTE: Applications will not be accepted by e-mail or fax. 

Applicants will receive confirmation via e-mail that their application has been received by PSAC. Please keep this e-mail for future reference.

Applicants who are selected as finalists will be notified and will be required to provide proof of post-secondary registration and their Social Insurance Number (SIN) will be requested.

For more information:

Contact us via email or by phone at (613) 560-4347.