Winnipeg Area Council Representative, Sheilagh Hanson (February 2020)

Sheilagh Hanson
Winnipeg Area Council Rep
Prairie Region Council February 2020

The time period since the last PRC meeting seems like I was very relaxed, but the time has all blurred for me.  

I spent the year as the Winnipeg Area Council Chair, which was actually a tough gig for me, as I am not as familiar with Roberts Rules as I should be.  I did work with some of our best activists, which is always a pleasure and an honour. 

December 6/2020 – With the MFL Women’s committee, I assisted with the Day of Remembrance ceremony at the Union Centre

January 20/2020 – rallied at the Fairmont with other activists under Mariannes leadership, as Trudeau and the liberals were at a cabinet retreat.

January 28/2020 – Winnipeg AC AGM, I stepped down as chair but won a re-election of the AC rep.

January 29/2020 – Attended Strike Training (also talked almost my entire unit into attending on different days.  One of them is now a much desired speaker for teams to find out what they can about the training).

Feb 24/2020 –  RWC AGM.  More news to come.

I received an invitation to the AGM of Daniel Blaikie, one of my goals is to be on his riding association executive.  I will attend the AGM and see if I can run for member at large, or something.   This AGM is after the deadline to hand this in but before the meeting but I will bring the results with me!

I will also be attending (via phone ) the AGM of Matt Weibe, my MLA.  I have been on his riding association for over a year, he asked me to take over as membership chair, which for some reason was vacant for the entire year, and I said I would run for that position.  However, it turned out that I leave for Calgary the day of the AGM, so I hope to attend by phone and run.  Again, results will be known when I see you all.