Winnipeg Area Council Minutes – May 7, 2013

Winnipeg Area Council

Tuesday May 7, 2013

5:15 pm

PSAC Regional Office – 175 Hargrave St



Gus Mardli, Steven Cabek, Matt Tijani, Dawn MacAulay, Tracy Thor (PSAC staff)

Regrets:    Darlene McClure


1. Call to Order at 5:25

2. PSAC Statement on Harassment agreed to by all.

3. Adoption of Agenda – moved by Matt seconded by Steven, accepted.

4. Adoption of Minutes of Nov 6, 2012 – moved by Gus, seconded by Matt, accepted.

5. Presidents Report – nothing to report.

6. Treasurer Report – attached, Tracy reported we have $2,400 in bank plus allotment from PRC and HQ if Marianne deems that we need it. -moved by Gus, seconded by Dawn, accepted.

7. PRC Rep Report – Matt reported

– that the PRC is requesting a copy of our By-Laws & financial reports, there is a deadline of April 26th, this is being done because some Area Councils have not supplied them as yet (Tracy  has for us)

– the Equity Conference is coming up in November

– he met with the leadership on Saturday and they were challenged to attend an Area Council meeting

8. NEW

– 2013 Fightback campaign – this is the current years campaign

– Leadership Meeting – May 14th

– Summer Activities planning – there was discussion about the Red River Ex booth and the requirements thereof  (28 shifts of 2.5 to 3 hours each with 2 people per shift, please sign up for a shift or 2), discussion ensued about costs for the table, chairs, electricity, prizes and per diem (up to $15 per PSAC member per shift at the discretion of the WAC executive)

MOTION to alott up to $1,500 for the Fight Back campaign which may include any or all of the above. Motioned by Steven, seconded by Dawn, accepted by all.

9.  NEW – CLC Community Action Network for Manitoba

– Gus Mardli, Steven Cabek and Gloria Kelly attended this meeting, potentially being called Common Cause, there is another meeting coming up in June, anyone interested in political change, not just unions, more meetings now just to get started

10. Adjourned at 6:25.

11. Next meeting on Tuesday, June 4th.