Winnipeg Area Council Minutes – June 4, 2013

Winnipeg Area Council

Tues June 4, 2013




Gus Mardli, Steven Cabak, Matt Tijani, Darlene McClure, Dawn MacAulay

Tracy Thor (PSAC staff)


1. Call to Order at 5:20

2. PSAC Statement on Harassment – agreed by all

3. Adoption of Agenda – with the addition of one item (the Prairie Region Council report presented by Matt Tijani), moved by Matt seconded by Dawn, accepted.

4. Adoption of Minutes of Nov 6, 2012 – with the correction of Steven’s last name, moved by Matt, seconded by Gus, accepted.

5. Presidents Report – nothing to report.

6. Treasurer Report – attached, Tracy reported we have $2,186 in bank  – moved by Gus, seconded by Matt, accepted.

7. PRC Rep Report – Matt reported that through a conference call they went through the financial reports of the different committees, they were under the understanding that the money in the Social Justice Funds is to be used for projects in the year given to the committee. Tracy advised that she has had discussion with Louise Cassleman and there are not addition funds and to use up what we have.

8. UPDATE – 2013 Summer Activities Planning

– regarding our Social Justice Fund – as there has been a change at the McGregor Street centre it has been suggested that we move the SJF monies to the Canadian Aboriginal Human Resources Development on Higgins Street, they are new members – discussion ensued – Dawn moved that $500 be given to Kookums Child Care Centre, Gus seconded, all were in favour

– there was discussion about the Red River Ex booth and that there is still need of volunteers to fill shifts of 2.5 to 3 hours each with 2 people per shift, please sign up for a shift or 2, discussion about what the prize / prizes would be (IPod, family outing, food gift certificate)

9. NEW

– Leadership Training – Matt & Gus attended, Gus spoke about the event, meeting one on one with members to explain the important of the union and maintain our rights 

– Campaigner Training – 6 or so sessions arranged already, some locals on board, others feel comfortable with where they’re at

10. Roundtable – Gus – HRC sent the questionnaire and more people are attending, chat can we do? – Discussion ensued – come back next time with ideas, BBQ at September meeting?

11. Adjourned at 6:35.

12. Next meeting on Wednesday, September 11th, 5:15 p.m..