Winnipeg Area Council AGM – January 22, 2014

Winnipeg Area Council

Wednesday January 22, 2014

5:15 pm PSAC Regional Office 

175 Hargrave St





Dawn MacAulay, Darlene McClure, Gus Mardli, Steven Cabak, Gloria Kelly, Matt Tijani, Christine McJannet, Rob Weins, Tracy Thor – PSAC Representative

1. Call to Order at 5:15 p.m.

2. PSAC Statement on Harassment agreed to by all

3. Adoption of Agenda – changes – addition of the Social Justice Fund Update, moving it into #10 spot and moving the rest down

moved by Dawn           seconded by Steven            all in favour

4. Adoption of AGM Minutes – Wednesday Feb 20, 2013

moved by Steven    seconded by Matt              all in favour

5. Chairs Report – attached

moved by Gus            seconded by Gloria            all in favour

6. Treasurer’s Report – 2013 Financial Statement and 2014 Budget

-suggested changes as follows –  cheque #132 made out to S Jamieson should be cheque #133

     2013 Financial Statement       2014 Budget

moved by          Darlene              Stephen  

seconded by     Steven                Dawn

all in favour       yes                      yes

7. Meeting turned over to Tracy Thor for the Election of Winnipeg Area Council Executive and swearing in


Nominee     Gus         By Acclamation

Nominator  Steven

Seconder    Gloria


Vice Chair

Nominee      Steven      By Acclamation

Nominator   Gus

Seconder     Dawn



Nominatee   Dawn        By Acclamation

Nominator   Darlene

Seconder     Steven



Nominee     Darlene     By Acclamation

Nominator   Gloria

Seconder     Matt


Sworn in by Tracy Thor

8. WAC Rep to PRC

Nominee     Matt 

Nominator   Darlene

Seconder    Steven

Because Matt was already in the position he automatically attends the Prairie Region Convention as a Delegate.

Alternate PRC Rep

Nominee     Darlene

Nominator   Dawn

Seconder    Steven


9. Election – Delegate Prairie Region Convention and two alternates (if required after PRC Winnipeg AC Rep Elections


Nominee     Steven                        Dawn

Nominator   Gus                           Darlene

Seconder    Christine                     Matt

It took two sets of ballots but the Delegate is Stephen.

1st Alternate

Nominee     Dawn        By Acclamation

Nominator   Gloria

Seconder     Rob

2nd Alternate

Nominee     Christine   By Acclamation

Nominator   Gloria

Seconder    Steven

Dawn moved to have the ballots destroyed, Darlene seconded, all agreed and ballots were destroyed.


10. Social Justice Fund

Gus had discussed with Tracy about the funds that we have in the Social Justice Fund and they felt that Kookums Daycare was a good choice to re-allocate our monies.  We’ll have to work with them to come up with a purpose such as a fundraiser to change our $500 to $3,500.  They are fundraising to be able to move the daycare from the 4th floor of the building down to the main floor and also to purchase playground equipment.  Gloria said she’d work with Gus on coming back to the Area Council with more information, possibly ask their contact to come and speak with us at our next meeting.

Rob made a motion to the above effect,    Darlene seconded the motion

All agreed


11. Prairie Region Convention Resolution submissions

Bring your ideas to the next meeting as well as anything your local or other committee has submitted.  The more resolutions of a similar issue the more likely it will get passed.


12. Next meeting dates are as follows, with the understanding that they may not all happen, but we’ll try our best.

February 19, March 12, April 16, May 14, June 18


13. Adjournment at 6:30, Gloria moved, Rob seconded, all agreed.