Why This White Man Supports Idle No More (And You Should Too)

Why This White Man Supports Idle No More (And You Should Too)
by Jaymz Bee on Tuesday, 15 January 2013 at 11:41 via Facebook

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I'm white - don't know what kind of white, some kind of Anglo Saxon, but certainly not native (although I tan really well), and  in University I learned a lot about the Indian Act and the history of First Nations people in Canada, and I naturally felt sorry for their plight. The theft of their children, the erradication of their languages, and the systematic assimilation of their way of life is a disgrace to the Canadian self image which continues to this day, and is arguably accelerating.

The Act, the way it was configured from the start, is designed to slowly annex all the land and erase their traditional way of life. Even the pittance offered in exchange for EVERYTHING hasn't been appropriately regarded and this "breaking point" we are seeing now is the inevitable outcome of a people pushed to the brink.

But that's "them" right? Sucks to be them, but I'm white so why should I care?

Canada used to be a different place. Being a country of unkempt beauty was our national identity.

We valued our lakes and rivers and seemingly endless wilderness as the prize itself, not a natural resource to be harvested into a wasteland. I am not against industry categorically, but the recklessness with which this government has dismantled the protective measures installed by our wiser forefathers is alarming.

The Stephen Harper government has, over the years, proven itself to be a government of industry and not of the land or the people who inhabit it.

Did you know that if, for example, a Chinese company wants to come into Canada and mine our land and something like an Environmental or Labor law prevents them from maximizing THEIR profit by requiring them to abide by our laws, THEY CAN SUE CANADA. The Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA), which came into effect in October, actually legislates that foreign companies can legally sue US for THEM breaking OUR laws!

A law that makes it legal for them to break our laws! 

This is just one example, if this is news to you then you need to wake up.

So what's this got to do with Idle No More? Because, there are about 1.17 million First Nations people in Canada. Stephen Harper doesn't [care] what any of us white folks think, he has an agenda and is running the country like a dictator, which is great if you stand to benefit from the exploitation of our natural resources and ultimately the destruction of our beautiful land but which sucks if you are anybody else and no amount of protest or debate will alter his course.

And he doesn't [care] what First Nations think either. BUT -- and this is a massive, 1.17 million strong BUT -- there are an awful lot of people who have a long standing (if not always honoured) power in Canadian government, who have always loved and honored their land, whatever it may be called, and who are not afraid to go toe to toe with these monsters in $3000 suits. In fact, they've done it many times in the past and almost always win, because beating them down would only result in what would effectively be civil war.

I used to feel sorry for First Nations, but now I see the big picture. I see these centuries of degredation and hardship as the necessary prelude to a powerful, passionate and determined saviour of what is good about Canada. As an abused child can see his youth as training for a life as a strong and compassionate adult, the First Nations in Canada now possess the right configuration of history, political power and resolve to do what needs to be done.

They have the best chance of saving this country from itself.

Stephen Harper has awoken a sleeping giant. An army of passionate warriors more than a million strong, already embedded within our borders. The bully has shoved the kid for the last time, because the kid realizes that he is STRONG and he can push back.

Like the Occupy movement, this is a many faceted movement still lacking clear leadership and with an agenda that is entirely murky to those in power. Unlike the Occupy movement, the First Nations possess the tools for a direct action which, if impeded, promises to explode in the face of the authorities hoping that it will pass. They are organized and adept, there is not a doubt in my mind that it will develop in time.

To anyone who can hear the hoof beats across the valley, it is clear that there is a massive stampede on its way, and you can either run with the buffalo or get... out of the way.

I know where I'll be - I want to be at the front of the pack when we trample [those] that are ruining this place for my children.

This is our chance - ALL of our chance - to restore Canada's values of environmental stewardship and compassion. If you love your country but hate what is becoming of it, you need to stand up and join the ranks. It's really not that "radical" - wanting to save your country is hardly an "out there" concept.

So, as a white man - no, as a natural born Canadian citizen and member of the human race, I salute you brothers and sisters, brave men and women, children and elders, and am so very grateful you are still here to fight this battle. I will don the traditional warrior paint and proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

This is not your battle to fight alone. We are one.

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