Video: Watch the sick leave webinar

The PSAC Prairie Region held a webinar on May 13, 2015 to discuss the Budget Implementation Act (Bill C-59), which authorizes Treasury Board to modify collective agreements to remove sick leave and impose a short and long term disability plan outside of collective agreements.

Watch the recording of the webinar to find out how your union is responding to this attack on our members' rights and how you can participate in the fightback.

What was discussed:

  • Robyn Benson talked about Bill C-59 and how that impacts negotiations on sick leave and infringes on PSAC members' Charter rights. “We’re not about to let this government bully us and we’re not about to succumb to pressure,” Benson told more than 150 members on the webinar. “Is this the first battle we’ve had? No. Is it going to be the last? Probably not. But this is one that we’re going to win. And we’ll do it with the help of each and every member.”
  • Marianne Hladun talked about how members can participate in the fight back efforts and make their voices heard, specifically on May 19th and during National Public Service Week, and on an ongoing basis through social media and in their communites. “Right now our fight is with the government," Hladun said. "So we need to be selective with our messaging and we need to let them know we’re not backing down.”

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Watch the full webinar:

If you weren't able to participate, we've posted the webinar to the PSAC Prairies YouTube channel, and embedded the video below. Watch, learn and share with others. You can also download the PDF of the slide deck used during the webinar, below.

The PSAC Prairie Region hosts monthly, interactive webinars as an outlet for members to learn about critical issues and get important updates. The webinars are also be an opportunity for members to ask questions and give feedback.