Video: Striking a way forward for families

In the next video from the award-winning Prairies Video Project, members share stories about the fight for maternity leave/family leave in the 1980 CR strike and how their victory has since benefitted countless families.

Sandra Clarke, PSAC/UTE member since 1969, was on the line for that strike. In the video she recalls what it was like before the union sisters fought for leave provisions.

“There were no maternity benefits. All you had, that you knew was secure, is that that you would have your job to return to. So what I did, knowing I was pregnant, I saved my three-weeks holidays and I took five-weeks leave without pay.”

Union members, predominately brave union sisters, walked the line for nearly two weeks demanding leave provisions for their families, and they were victorious.

Lorne Roslinski remembers how significant this victory was.

“It was unheard of for a father to have parental leave. It was always traditionally the mother that took the leave. We have that because of those brave members that were willing to take a stand when others said it was never going to happen.”

The Prairies Video project was produced with union labour: Road Dog Media, UNIFOR – Canadian Freelance Union Local 2040. It was awarded the  for “Best narrative video, or video series documentary”. View all videos from the series on our YouTube channel.

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