Video: Fighting for justice, fighting for you!

In the next video from the award-winning Prairies Video Project, members share stories about how their union has helped them in the workplace.

Whether it be working with members through the grievance process or assisting with the duty to accommodate, PSAC members know their union is there for them.

Michelle Hazzard (USGE) is one of the members who appears in this video. She shares her struggle with harrassment in the workplace and how her union helped her.

“I talked to my union and it opened up a whole bunch of doors for me because then I knew that there was someone there to help me and I wasn’t alone,” Hazzard says in the video.

The Prairies Video project was produced with union labour: Road Dog Media, UNIFOR – Canadian Freelance Union Local 2040. It was awarded the  for “Best narrative video, or video series documentary”. View all videos from the series on our YouTube channel.

Like the video? Have a story of your own about how your union helped you? Share your comments and stories with us in the comments section on YouTube.
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